Horror Film Uses Audience’s Phones As Part Of The Plot

I hate to admit it but I’m usually guilty of having my cell phone out during a trip to my local movie theater. If the movie sucks I usually spend my time texting away and surfing the net reading other people opinions on the movie. So it was nice to hear about a movie that actually encourages this sort of behavior (sort of).
Dutch filmmaker Bobby Boermans is encouraging moviegoers to keep their phones out during his latest movie, fittingly titled App, by inviting them to download a free app prior to watching the movie which displays content synced with the film.

The thriller follows psychology student Anna Rijnders, who is obsessed with social media (aren’t we all) and finds herself slightly obsess by a mysterious app, called Iris (Get it, Siri spelled backwards) that sends her cryptic codes. Any audience with the app will receive the same codes as Anna on their phones throughout the movie, as well as other content that will make the experience more awesome.

The movie uses digital watermarking, connecting to the phone’s speaker, to send synced content to the smartphones. The chief creative officer of Imagine Nation (creators of the company 2CFilm that produce App) says:

“The movie works perfectly without the second screen. It’s a well paced thriller, but there are 35 moments in the movie when you can get additional information or content that will enrich the experience. For example, there could be two people in a room with a bomb ticking, only they don’t know about it. On the second screen, the audience would know how much time is remaining.”

I don’t know, it actually sounds pretty promising. Being a horror fan I’m always open to anything new. It beats the same BS over and over again.

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What do you think? Are you open to new technology such as this to enhance your movie going experience? Let us know in the comment section.

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