Nostalgia Video: Lea Thompson & Howard The Duck Hookup


Some people may refer to it as the George Lucas duck movie or the movie about a cigar smoking duck, Howard The Duck was a movie that a lot of people try to forget. Howard The Duck was already a pretty strange movie begin with, you have to expect any live action talking duck movie would be. One scene in particular always stands out whenever a conversation is brought up. It is indeed the moment when Lea Thompson comes about 2 seconds away from having sex with Howard The Duck.

Lea Thompson starts breezing around the room in her panties (which is pretty hot) and then she starts to flirt with Howard (which is pretty creepy). Howard proclaims that he’s becoming interested in the human female figure. She begins to encourages him and they are just about to get it in when (thankfully) it doesn’t happen. If for some reason you have never seen this movie and more importantly this scene from the movie then please watch the video below. It gets a little weird, you’ve been warned.


I for one think that there is still hope for the duck that Marvel created. Howard The Duck had so much potential to be an awesome movie. I’ve previously talked about in length why they should make a new Howard The Duck movie or at least a Howard The Duck remake or reboot. Take away all the silliness and bring back the essence of the comic (yes this all started from a comic-book)

What were your memories of this movie?

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