7 Old-School Happy Meal Toys From The ‘80s & ‘90s

You were a child in the ‘80s and ‘90s if you were raised on Mickey-D’s.

What kid didn’t enjoy a McDonald’s Happy Meal? Even some adults can’t resist the allure. McDonald’s first introduced the Happy Meal in 1979, it contained your meal and of course an awesome toy. Sometimes the toy is Mickey-D’s themed and a lot of times the toys tied in with whatever movie or TV show was popular at the time. Today we are going to take a look back a few toys that were the bomb diggidy back in the ‘80s and ‘90s.

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McFavorite Clown Valentines
Year: 1974

Toys From The '80s & '90s

When you were in school you could show how cool you were with these Mickey-D’s Valentines Day cards. On the other hand you might just have looked like a weirdo, maybe you should have just had your mom pick up some Valentines form Woolworths like a normal kid.

Fraggle Rock Veggie Cruisers
Year: 1987

Toys From The '80s & '90s

Fraggle Rock has to be one of the most underrated kids shows of all time (F*** the muppets). These radish cars are weird but the show was awesome.

Star Trek Video Communicator
Year: 1979

Toys From The '80s & '90s

The first official Happy Meal toy was a Star Trek video communicator. It had comics inside and was pretty awesome. After 30-plus years Happy Meals and Star Trek is still going strong.

Michael Jordan Fitness Fun
Year: 1992

Michael Jordan Dunk

Who doesn’t want to be like Mike?!?

In the ‘90s Michael Jordan had a fitness toy line that tried to improve our everyday dull sports. They just added a bunch of colors and attached Michael Jordan’s name to it. Now I feel like watching a “Best Of Michael Jordan Dunks” youtube video.

Tiny Toons Noise Maker Cars
Year: 1992

Toys From The '80s & '90s

Tiny Toons was a show any kid at the time loved (remember the ‘90s kids’ snacks)? These toys were great if you just wanted to make a lot of noise and annoy the hell out of your parents.

Nickelodeon Game Gadgets
Year: 1992

Toys From The '80s & '90s

When you think of old-school toys from the ‘80s ‘90s you might think of McDonalds happy meals and when you think of the best television programming from the ‘80s and ‘90s you think of Nickelodeon. It was only natural that the two would come together. Everything from a hand clapping gun, a microphone that vibrated and other things to drive your parents crazy, old-school nostalgia at its best.

Barbie Dolls and Backdrops
Year: 1990

Toys From The '80s & '90s

Barbie is the epitome of a girl’s childhood. It was only right she got her shot as a happy meal toy. She was one of the most popular toys of all time.

What other happy meal toys do you remember from your childhood?

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