Holliston: 5 Reasons Horror Fans Should Be Watching

FEARnet’s original horror comedy show Holliston is a few episodes into its second season. Today I’d like to share a few reasons why any self-respecting horror fan should be supporting the show and tuning in weekly. The series follows the show’s creator/writer/director/executiveproducer/showrunner Adam Green as “Adam” and Joe Lynch as “Joe”; two friends who dream of making it big in the horror genre. The cast also includes Laura Ortiz as “Laura” and Cory English as “Corry” (Adam’s ex-girlfriend). If you’re somebody who has yet to begin watching this show here is a few reasons why you change that.

5. Oderus


One of the funnier side characters of the show is Oderus Urungus (Dave Brockie), Adam’s imaginary alien friend who lives in his closet. He’s always around to offer Adam advice that never really works out. One episode the crew attempts to film a found footage movie to “get rich quick” . Adam and Corri share a tent together when Oderus shows up and tells his friend that he has the power to allow Adam to touch Corri anywhere without her knowing. He of course has no such powers, thankfully he didn’t immediately go for the boobs like any of us would have done.

4. The Guest Stars


The show has had awesome horror icon cameos including Tony Todd, Kane Hodder, Sid Haig, Danielle Harris and many others. Now on a network show, a cameo by Kane Hodder may not be the biggest deal but thanks to FEARnet we have a show where we can see Danielle Harris dress up as an adult version her character Jamie Lloyd from the Halloween movies and almost have a threesome with Jason Voorhees (Kane Hodder). Priceless…..

3. Adam Green


Best known as the creator of the slasher franchise “Hatchet”, Adam Green is one of the few horror directors today that we can actually admire. With so many reboots and studios doing whatever to make a dollar nowadays, it’s nice to see a horror director who seems to actually care about the genre. Adam plays an semi-version of himself and it’s nice to see him slowly on the road to achieving his horror movie dreams.

2. Laura Ortiz


Who knew that the mutant girl with the red hoodie from the Hills Have Eyes remake was so hot? Until the first season of Holliston not many of us. Laura Ortiz plays Laura (Joe’s girlfriend), a beautiful artist who has a dark side. She is the perfect mix of sexy, funny and adorableness. She always steals whatever scene she is in; she is easily the best character on the show. When the show first premiered a promo featuring Laura Ortiz nude had us all going nuts.

1. Supporting Horror-Based TV Shows


Over the years horror fans have had their fair share of horror-based TV show. From Tales From The Crypt, Tales From The Darkside and more recently The Walking Dead. The only way we will see more shows like this is if audiences actually watch them. It’s all about ratings, if we want to see the next horror masterpiece on the small screen we first need to support these shows in general. So, if you aren’t already watching you should be.

What are you thought on this show? Let us know in the comments section below.

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One thought on “Holliston: 5 Reasons Horror Fans Should Be Watching

  1. I think Holliston is one of the best shows on TV today. It has everything I could hope for in any show. It for one is hilarious. Always great cameo appearances from horror legends. The cast alone and writing is perfect. As season 2 keeps moving forward, the show keeps getting funnier by the week. Just one more thing about this great cast, they actually care about us fans. They all respond to emails, and do actually respond themselves. I will be a fan for a lifetime. Holliston, so original, and comedic, if you have yet to see it, your missing out and buy season 1 to start your journey, then watch season 2 as much as possible

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