3 Essential Things to Bring to Disney Channel Castings


Whenever you go to Disney Channel audition, the things you can’t do without are your headshot, resume and audition material (monologue, script or music sheet). Exerting sufficient efforts for them will improve your chances on being cast for the roles you eagerly wanted to have.

Take time to read, review and apply the things that are stated below to make you excel and get cast in Disney roles.



The headshot is one of the most important requirements during auditions including Disney Channel. At times when too many aspirants want the role being cast, casting directors will trim down candidates with the use of headshots. This is the reason behind making your headshots look professional. So this time, refrain from using old photos or highly edited photos. Casting directors DO NOT LIKE highly edited images, so you need to ensure that your photos look exactly just like you in person. You will have the chance to be sent out of the audition venue if you have obviously retouched photographs.



Have the decency to be honest with your resume. NEVER lie with your experience and even personal background. While most casting directors do not read resumes, some will just browse over them. If by a 1 in a million chance, your resume will be read and they find your information and answer in contrast and highly unbelievable, you will lose the chance of getting an audition. Also, you can get blacklisted because of this. Focus on getting your resume content better rather than confabulating work experience for Disney Channel Castings.

-Audition Material in Audio or Video


Depending on the audition, you have to perform either a script or a monologue. The difference for the two is that scripts are typically unprepared, while monologues are prepared audition pieces.

Disney Channel castings provide you with scripts especially for specific roles that are needed for the show. Reading the scripts will let casting directors identify if you are suitable for the particular character or not. Also, the actor you’ll be conversing with or someone else in the audition venue can read the lines together with you. Sometimes a casting director tags along the actor to better visualize the scene or scenes. An excellent talent resource company can not only give you tips, but can get you audition scripts for you to prepare during auditions.

Monologues from plays are typically prepared by auditionees for various auditions, especially an acting audition for TV or movie. When actors prepare monologues, it shows how versatile and ready they are. Ensure that you prepare monologues too.

If you audition for singing or dancing parts, ensure that you’ve prepared demo tapes or videos. For singing auditions, Disney will not require you to bring audio materials but just lyrics and written notes of the piece you’ll be doing for original music. It’ll be advantageous if you choose Disney songs because the musician or band will be familiar with those songs.

For dance auditions, you will be required to memorize routine dance moves for Disney. Refrain from making alterations with the dance moves. Just do your dance gracefully and fluidly.

Getting these three things done and being constantly ready during Disney Channel castings will definitely get you on top of casting director’s list.

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