Danielle Harris Goes Completely Nude for ‘Inked Magazine’

If you were already in love with scream queen Danielle Harris, be prepared to fall a little bit harder. The sexy young lady best known from the Halloween films and the Hatchet trilogy. In the latest issue of “Inked Magazine” Danielle Harris poses completely nude. In the shower, along with a few other places. A big salute to Inked for these sexy ass photos.




Danielle Harris’ directorial debut ‘Among Friends’ is available now.

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3 thoughts on “Danielle Harris Goes Completely Nude for ‘Inked Magazine’

  1. crap, what possessed her to do that? Why would a gorgeous woman like Danielle want to deface that beautiful body. It’s like someone tagging the Sistine chapel or drawing a magic marker moustache on the mona lisa.

  2. Danielle Harris is GORGEOUS and the artwork she chose to adorn her body with only added to her mystique and made her more of a Gothic beauty!

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