Scream TV Series: 4 Reasons To Be Cautiously Optimistic

Last spring, MTV greenlit a pilot for the Scream series, since then we haven’t heard much in terms of what the show will actually be about. Upon the announcement fans were either excited to see Ghostface back on the big-screen (well, if you have a big screen TV) or denounced the idea entirely. Whether they wanted another movie or if they just feet the franchise needs to take a breather.

When Scream 4 was released two years ago, it was indeed the shot in the arm the series needed; the film pulled audiences back into theaters to the tune of $97 million worldwide. Since then it seems the enthusiasm around the franchise has cooled.

During the recent Zurich Film Festival, Harvey Weinstein spoke on the upcoming series; proclaiming that the show will “a new beginning” for the story we all know. Well, that doesn’t sound good. Did anybody else immediately think of Friday The 13th: A New Beginning?

Well, at this point in time with so little to go on it’s difficult to really get excited about this project, it is also very easy to be dismissive. So let’s look at a few reasons why we should just be carefully hopeful.

4. The Scream Cow Has Been Milked Dry


Scream 4 was indeed a solid film, but it wasn’t a game changer like the original movie over a decade earlier. As far as a Scream 5? As reported by Indiewire, Weinstein says he’s pushing his brother Bob, who runs Dimension Films, to get it going: “Everyone lived in Scream 4. I’m begging him to do the movie and just end it. We’ve milked that cow.”

Wes Craven has been vocal about whether or not he would return to the franchise he helped build. Another sequel doesn’t seem likely at this point, and a television series just feels like a compilation prize.

3. The Show Will Introduce “Supernatural” Elements


Another interesting quote from Mr. Weinstein was where the show would be headed, claiming that the show will “pursue a supernatural direction”. What does that mean exactly? Will Ghostface become an actually ghost? With so little else to go on, it doesn’t sound too enticing.

2. No Overlap Between The Series And The Film Franchise


If you were expecting to see some of your favorite character on the small-screen, you can most likely forget it. You shouldn’t expect to see Sidney (Neve Campbell), Gale Weathers (Courteney Cox), or Dewey ( David Arquette) anytime soon. A new beginning more than likely will be exactly as it sounds. Out with the old and in with the new.

1. It’s On MTV


This isn’t a knock against MTV as a network or their ability to produce entertaining shows (who doesn’t enjoy CatFish?). This is more of a acknowledgment of their limitations. The Scream series may not have all that much nudity but it does indeed have foul language and gore out the wazoo. It’s difficult to even watch one of the Scream films edited for television let alone watching a weekly series devoid of substantial gore. As our pal Billy said in the first film, “all the good stuff is edited out”.

What are your thoughts? Are you looking forward to this series? Let us know in the comments section.

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