Don Mancini Explains Curse Of Chucky

As writer of every entry in the Child’s Play franchise Don Mancini has had quite the impact in the horror community. Recently he has cemented that status by directing his first Chucky full-length film (Seed Of Chucky doesn’t count); Curse Of Chucky. The film brings Chucky back to his horror movie roots. Something that seemed impossible after the last film.

Shortly after the release of the film, something odd happened. Some folks on the gosh darn internet starting questioning the continuity of the films and weren’t quite sure where Curse Of Chucky fit into the timeline. Some people were convinced that the film is not a sequel to Seed Of Chucky but indeed a prequel to Bride Of Chucky. Some people feel that the film takes place after the events of Child’s Play 3. We tried to clear up these misconceptions HERE but alas, the effort seemed to be futile.

Curse Of Chucky

Well, in a recent interview with EW he spoke on his latest film; answering an array of questions. When asked about the infamous Jennifer Tilly cameo he had this to say;

“Okay, well let me explain it. In Seed of Chucky, Jennifer plays two roles. She plays Tiffany, who at that point is trapped in the soul of a doll, and she also plays “Jennifer Tilly” and “Jennifer Tilly” is basically the lookalike of the character of Tiffany. And that’s why Tiffany the doll is obsessed with transferring her soul into Jennifer Tilly’s body, and that’s what she does at the end of that movie. So, Jennifer Tilly basically becomes Tiffany. She has her Jennifer Tilly body but with the soul of Tiffany inside. I think the confusion comes from the fact that Tiffany always looked exactly like Jennifer Tilly It’s totally simple!”

While we still have many other questions for Don. The question as to whether or not Curse Of Chucky is a sequel to Seed Of Chucky should no longer be one of them. Totally simple indeed!

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