Tips and Tricks for Easily Finding a Disney Channel Audition

Did you know that showing up in a national talent search via a Disney Channel audition can be a big break for your acting-singing career? Joining in open casting calls like Selena Gomez who auditioned for a Disney show in her hometown in Texas can be beneficial for your career. Casting directors conduct auditions in specific locations; looking for talents who may have the potential of becoming the next big star. This is one of the best ways to get a start with your career in the entertainment industry.

**Look for Site Auditions of Movies or TV Shows

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Apart from the annual general talent searches, casting directors also conduct site auditions in the locations of TV or movie productions. This is usually when casting coordinators will search for local talents to fill in parts for their film or television series projects. Although most of these auditions are only for minor or supporting roles, it is a chance that you definitely need to grab. Getting a non-speaking role as your first job as an aspiring actor is already a great accomplishment to place on your resume.

**Hire a Talent Agent or Agency

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The next way to get into a Disney Channel audition is to get a talent agent or talent agency. Disney and other production companies prefer those who have representation. Hiring an agent enables you to find casting calls and auditions you can be part of to get roles.

Choosing an agent can be stressful. To begin with, consider the ones referred by colleagues. These agents are recommended for already have the track record when it comes to getting you auditions, casting calls and even acting offers. The good thing about working with agents is that they will really get you jobs since their salary depends greatly on your paycheck. Agents are regulated by the law, which permits them to get only 10% of their clients’ salaries.

**Create a Connection with Casting Directors

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Another trick that can get you a lot of jobs is to make a connection with casting directors. You have to establish rapport, get the casting director to like you and gain his or her trust by making good auditions every time you try out for him or her. Get recognized each time you walk into an audition that certain casting directors are casting.

**Use Online Talent Resource Sites

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Disney auditions are also posted on casting call sites of online talent resource companies. It is the fastest growing means for seasoned, mediocre and inexperienced actors to find castings. If you are an aspiring actor yourself, you need to make use of the convenience these sites bring when it comes to providing open and private casting calls.

**Get As Much Experience As You Can

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Getting tons of experience in the fields of singing, acting and dancing is a great advantage in getting recognized in Disney. You need to have at least some experience in modeling or theatre before pursuing an audition in the company. The agent or talent company that will represent you will definitely suggest that you try out other auditions and jobs first before Disney. If not, your agent will have you enrolled in acting, singing and dancing classes.

Preparing yourself for your first Disney audition can take years and the same can be said before getting a speaking role in a TV show or film as well as establishing yourself in show business. Just be patient with every audition and job you go through. Keep in mind that your Disney Channel audition will be successful at the right time with the aid of readiness and patience.

Marie Skillern enjoys blogging about Disney Channel Castings and the rags to riches stories that goes with it. Over the last 4 years, he has written and published numerous articles on these celebrities in different local and international publications.

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