6 Films (Of Varying Quality) Based On Video Games

When our love of gaming and film collide, results vary; for better or worse. Counting down some of the greatest video games of all time and the hit-and-miss movie adaptations of them.

Super Mario Bros


We all remember when Super Mario Brothers first came out for NES. Well, some of you younger readers might not remember, but imagine it like seeing the new Call of Duty for the first time in your life – quite amazing, wouldn’t you agree? But this exciting ‘awesomeness’ somehow escaped from the production of Super Mario Bros. The Movie. In fact critics gave this piece mixed, and often negative reviews – scoring as low as 3.8 on the IMDB scale.

Tekken: Blood Vengeance


Talking about the ultimate fighting experience, both game and movie offer a wild thrill of fantastically choreographed fighting scenes; intriguing storyline and awesome and memorable characters! The world of Tekken is a violent one, and who better to produce it than Digital Frontier. IMDB gave this one 5.7, but considering what a smash this movie was in Japan, it is hard to put an exact number on this movie. The Blood Vengeance however captures the spirit of the game completely; so I would definitely recommend it to any die-hard Tekken fan.

Mortal Kombat


We continue our list with yet another all time favorite fighting game. If you are a fan of blood, gore and graphic violence, then this movie is not for you. In fact most of the violent/brutal motif that made the game so successful was somehow omitted from the movie. You will see all your favorite character – Raiden, Liu Kang, Scorpion, Sub Zero etc. But if you are expecting ‘live action fatalities’ then you better stick with playing the game. As far as the movie goes, it is still a fascinating experience, although don’t be surprised if you get disappointed, I know I did!



It seems that Agent 47 is not yet ready to hand in his pistols. Unlike most of the games featured in the series, where Agent 47 goes around killing people from the shadows, the movie offers quite a different experience. In fact, this is perhaps the first time we will ever see 47 taking the role of a ‘bad-ass’ action hero. The plot can’t possibly get any older than the ‘damsel in distress’ routine. Yes, 47 is actually going all out to save a girl from becoming a victim of a Russian crime syndicate. And with the “Agency” following his every move, will agent 47 win?

Max Payne


If you haven’t played Max Payne than you haven’t played at all! This neo-noir masterpiece was introduced to the public as far as July 2001. Since then, the franchise has been scoring record breaking sales both locally and on the international market. This however does not explain why the movie got so much negative reviews. Rotten Tomatoes gave this one 13%, and both the critics and the fanbase were furious with the poor ‘overdirecting’ and illogical plot twists. Never the less, if you are fan of the series you might want to check this one out, but the consensus remains that Max Payne the Game is still 100% better than Max Payne the Movie.

Resident Evil


We will finish our list with maybe the best horror-survival title in the genre. Resident Evil took the world by surprise, and even though the original story was not featured in the movie, it is nonetheless a very good movie to watch. A crack-team of special ops officers are sent to the Umbrella corporation to investigate the mystery surrounding the death of almost all of the Umbrella corporation’s staff members. Buried deep in the Earth’s crust, our heroes soon discover the shocking and terrifying secret behind the mass deaths of the Umbrella employees (If it can be defined as “death’ that is).

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