Tips On How to Conduct Yourself During Acting Auditions

What can you do to rise above your tough competitors during acting auditions? There is no secret formula to this. There are tips you can follow though that will allow you to be easily appreciated by any casting panel.

Not all people have the privilege of learning proper ethics. There are also so many factors that can affect one’s behavior. So, what should you do during an audition to make casting directors like you and pick you out among the rest?

**The Right Conduct to Observe During Auditions

Heather Graham Mark Walberg

There are so many things that you can do to ace your acting auditions. One of the most important though is perfecting the right conduct that will get you noticed as the nicest person in every audition.

**Practice Your Handshake

Arnold Schwarzenegger Predator Handshake

The first thing you need to practice is the proper way to do handshakes. This is not taught in school, so you have to practice it by heart. Do a firm handshake, but not too strong enough to crush the hands of the other person.

**Greetings are Not Overrated

Will Smith Jazzy Jeff Handshake

Greetings are very important. Once you are in the venue, greet everyone with enthusiasm and a smile. Include everyone, starting from the security personnel to the casting coordinators, the maintenance people and finally, the casting panel.

When you greet the casting panel, you have to acknowledge each one of them. If you have to say something nice, say it because you mean it and without second thoughts. When they speak to you, keep it interesting at all times. Talk about both happy and sad times in your life only in a brief manner and let them guide you with the conversation. There are casting directors who just hate to hear drama stories from auditionees, so be cautious about doing this.

**Do Research

Batman Research

There are lots of casting directors that appreciate auditionees who do research. Be knowledgeable about the play, TV show and the movie you might to be involved in. This will make them see that you are truly interested for a part in the production.
If you do some research, then you will surely bring more justice to the part you will be playing. Being prepared will bring you extra points with casting directors. Also, you will be able to talk about the play, TV series or the film with confidence. You exchange information based on your knowledge about the entire production.

**Carry Yourself Well

Ryan Gosling Crazy Stupid Love

Another thing that you have to consider when you’re in acting auditions is the way you carry your body. You have to really look confident. When you slouch, you will look like the world stumbled down on you. If you stand up tall and appear really confident, then casting directors can just trust you with the role available, which is also appropriate for you.

If you are able to follow these tips well when it comes to getting the right conduct during auditions, then you will have a better chance of getting noticed. Everybody likes nice guys, so it is already be a plus point if you are that kind of person. The great thing about being personable is that your reputation will precede you all the time and all you get will be glowing remarks. This will surely make you succeed in most, if not all, acting auditions you go to.

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