10 Effective Tips in Preparing Your Kids for Casting Calls

Some child stars that have made it big in show business started out with responding to casting calls over and over until they got better offers. They attained their superstar status with the support and guidance of their parents or guardians. Parents have a big responsibility in making sure their kids are prepared for open casting calls.

Since children have yet to learn the concepts of what productions look for in a talent, the parent should be there to guide them throughout the process of preparation to the day of the auditions. Their kids can easily stand out if they have taught their kids how to handle casting calls effectively.

If you are a parent and you would want to help your child fulfill their dreams of becoming actors or actresses in the future, here are some tips you can use to prepare them for their auditions:

•Check every announcement that catches your kids’ eye.

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Kids who are very interested in acting proactively search for auditions in their areas. If your kid has found out about one, always look it up, ask around and confirm if it is legitimate. You absolutely do not want to fall into a trap.

•Your kids should fit the qualifications.

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Announcements always lay out all the specifications that a production is looking for. Make sure that your child fits all these specifications. Do not even attempt to tamper documents or change your kids’ appearance in order for them to qualify. If they do not qualify, there will be other auditions where your kids could better qualify for.

•Read and follow instructions.

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Announcements will also contain other pieces of information such as the date, time and location of the audition, the prescribed outfit for the kid and the essentials that you need to bring (photos, taped audition material, etc.). Always read these details to avoid causing delays and jeopardizing your kids’ chances at getting the role.

•Always keep their information handy.

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When you go to an audition, always make sure that you have essential information ready. They might ask you to provide height and weight measurements, shoe sizes, birth date, etc. If you’re not going with them, provide this information to the guardian who will be taking them there.

•Allow them to learn.

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Don’t be too hard on your kids while going through their lines. Explain to them what these lines mean so they can get the idea. Instead of berating them if they don’t memorize their lines flawlessly, teach them how to ad lib in case they commit the mistakes in their auditions.

•Get them a good headshot.

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Bring your kids to a good photographer where they can get their pictures taken. Do not put too much make up on them or make them look different from their age and natural looks. Make sure that the photos are recent ones and resemble how they look like at present.

•Dress your kids appropriately.

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Just because you are going to a Disney channel audition, it does not have to mean that you need to dress them as one of the characters. Directors would rather appreciate it if they see your kids in their play clothes without any makeup. There is no need to go over the top with clothes and makeup.

•Teach your kids how to take directions.

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The common mistake of most parents is to be strict with emotions and actions that kids will have to perform as they speak their lines. As a result, kids do not know how to take directions from other people. Teach your kids to experiment with actions and emotions while saying their lines and teach them to listen to directions well and to follow them to the letter.

•Limit their sugar intake.

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Sugar gets children on a natural high. It makes them unruly, which makes it hard for parents and directors to direct. Do not let them take candies or anything sweet before the auditions so they will be easier to handle.

•Make it fun and make them feel good.

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Kids will always be kids. Allow them to enjoy every moment – from going through the lines to their screen tests. Teach them how to enjoy their performance. Make them feel that they have achieved something great whether they get the job or not. Most of all, never force them if they do not want to go through with it.

If your kids do not make it on their first try, console them and never make them feel like they are a failure. Instead, encourage them to attend more auditions if they really want to be in show business. Also, do not let the stress of auditions and acting get to them. Allow them to play and be themselves.

Parents indeed play a big role in the success of their kids. If they want to become actors, teach them how they can improve or ask the help of an acting coach or teacher in your area. Continue to support your kids through encouraging them to go to casting calls because you might never know, they just might get the part.

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