25 Greatest Danielle Harris Moments

What’s not to love about Danielle Harris? She’s gorgeous, sexy, funny and she’s a horror movie icon. Having been in the business for over twenty five years now Harris has had quite the acting career. From horror franchises like Halloween and Hatchet to Disney Channel movies, sitcoms and Nickelodeon shows.

Today, we are going to be counting down the 25 greatest Danielle Harris moments of all time, whether on-screen or from her real life. Leave your favorite moment in the comment section below.

Honorable Mention:

**Making Her 3-year-old Biggest Fan’s Day

While this doesn’t make our official list – it’s merely an adorable video we came across on YouTube – we still feel it deserves a mention. In the video a little girl named Jaylynn (who was 3-years-old at the time) is apparently Danielle Harris’s biggest fan. When Jaylynn meets her favorite scream queen at a convention the adorableness goes into overload. Jaylynn is apparently a huge Michael Myers/Jamie Lloyd fan. Should a three-year-old be this familiar with these characters? It doesn’t matter because it’s just so flipping cute.

25. Playing a Tween Pothead On In Living Color (1990)

Danielle Harris

In this episode of the hit Fox sketch comedy show In Living Color (titled “The Jackson Bunch” Danielle Harris plays a young reefer addict on a very special episode of The Arsenio Hall Show. Arsenio Hall (played by Keenen Ivory Wayans) interviews kids who have gotten into trouble with drugs and eventually learned to “just say no.” Hall, isn’t much help, with every heartfelt insertion by Harris‘ young character, Hall has an comical retort. Harris talks about being nine years old and smoking roaches and Arsenio asks why she didn’t just pull out the Raid instead. Another reason to love an already classic ‘90s show.

24. Receiving an Eerie Heart Transplant – Eerie, Indiana (1991)

Danielle Harris

During the early ‘90s Danielle guest starred on the short-lived horror series for kids, Eerie, Indiana. She plays a new girl in town named Mellissa, who all the boys have a crush on. Melissa also needs a heart transplant, and when one of the boy’s in town dies, she gets his heart and peculiarly starts to behave a lot like him. An episode, that made us sad that this show only ran for one season.

23. Dr Phil Interview (2007)

Danielle Harris

There was a time during Danielle’s younger years where her life seemed to mirror the horror movies she was starring in. In 1995, at just 18 years old, Harris found herself with a rather aggressive stalker. Unhappy with some changes she made to her hair, she started receiving unsettling letters. The stalker (Christopher Small) sent Harris a few hundred of these letters. In early 2007, Danielle appeared on The Dr Phil Show to discuss the ordeal in detail. Harris was granted a restraining order against Small many times but he seemingly keeps popping up. It was admirable for Harris to be so open about her experience the way she was.

22. Wearing Painted-On Lingerie During Las Vegas Lingerie Masquerade (2013)

 Danielle Harris

Back in August of 2013 Danielle modeled a scintillating ensemble at the Midsummer Lingerie Celebration at Palms Resort & Casino in Las Vegas. The actress’ body-painted costume included bra and panties with a rhinestone-belly chain, fishnet stockings, a garter belt. and feathered headband. After greeting the crowd on stage, Harris and friends proceeded to the upper pool deck, where they admired the crowd’s effervescent costumes, sipped champagne and danced the night away.

21. The Victim Becomes the Victimizer – Shiver (2013)

 Danielle Harris

Danielle Harris has gone through a lot on-screen but even she admitted that when she read the script for Shiver (based on the Brian Harper novel) it gave her the shivers. The film follows Wendy Alden (Harris), a young secretary lacking in self- confidence who becomes the victim of a savage killer (played by John Jarratt). He later kidnaps her and brings her to his hideout where he subjects her to a appalling ritual of psychological intimidation. After a series of events, Wendy ultimately gets her revenge, transforming from a timid damsel in distress to a lioness.

20. Danielle Has a Surprise for Adam Green -The Road to Fright fest (2008)

Danielle Harris

Back in 2008 horror directors Joe Lynch and Adam Green shot a series of short films detailing the duo’s hilarious Road to Frightfest that ended in their eventual deaths (or just getting the crap scared out of them). In the first episode, lovingly recreating the classic opening to John Landis’ Twilight Zone: The Movie, the pair drives while discussing their favorite horror movie themes (including E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial). After a few minutes of this Joe asks Adam if he wants to see something “really scary”. Adam pulls the car over and Joe ducks down only to reveal Danielle Harris has appeared in his place, scantily clad. Adam and Danielle begin making out before things turn hilariously dark. She makes a quick joke about her genitalia before she promptly dispatches him.

19. Getting Shot – Marked for Death (1990)

Danielle Harris

In this early ‘90s Steven Seagal action flick, a young Danielle Harris plays the niece of former DEA troubleshooter John Hatcher (Seagal). Upon moving back to his home town, Hatcher finds it taken over by a gang of violent drug dealers. Hatcher decides not to get involved, that is until his niece gets shot by one of the dealers. Oh, now it’s personal!

18. Epic Killing Spree – Blood Night: The Legend of Mary Hatchet (2009)

Danielle Harris

The Legend of Mary Hatchet, Harris plays Alissa, the daughter of Mary “Hatchet” Mattock; who (due to menstrual psychosis) murdered her parents with a hatchet as well as a bunch of other people. Twenty years later, and seemingly experiencing the onset of a disorder parallel to her to mother’s, Alissa goes on a similar killing spree. Picking off victims left and right in a final act filled with hatchets, flickering lights and blood everywhere! Pretty intimating for an actress who’s only 5′ 0″ tall.

17. Becoming The Fourth Sister – Charmed (1998)

Danielle Harris

Charmed follows three sisters who are the most powerful good witches of all time. In the seventh episode of the first season Danielle Harris plays a troubled teenage witch named Aviva who befriends one of the “The Charmed Ones” (Alyssa Milano) in hopes of becoming a member of their coven. We ultimately find out that Aviva is an unwitting pawn of an evil sorceress-priestess named Kali. Aviva would be the first character to demonstrate the power to throw Fireballs, a power that later becomes quite popular for demons in the series.

16. Danielle Makes Her Directorial Debut – Among Friends (2012)

Danielle Harris

After years of portraying the genre heroine on-screen Harris finally made the transition to behind-the-camera in late 2012 with the horror film Among Friends. The movie is a murder mystery dinner party gone horribly gone wrong when one of the party goers hijacks the event and viciously teaches the group about being a loyal friend. If you’re a fan of cheesy, over-the-top ‘80s horror, or a big Danielle Harris fan, we definitely recommend it.

15. Extorting Cory Matthews – Boy Meets World (1994)

Danielle Harris

Before Topanga put a clamp on his heart, Cory Matthews was a kid in middle school trying simply to find his way. In the classic coming-of-age show Boy Meets World, Harris made a cameo as Theresa “T.K.” Keiner, the younger sister of Harley (the school bully). T.K. and Cory go out on a few dates, but after she starts to get a little aggressive Cory tries to end things. That is before he learns who her brother is and is basically forced to keep seeing her. Would it be too obscure of a cameo if Danielle were to appear in the new Girl Meets World spin-off?

14. Her Role as Molly Tilden – Roseanne (1992-1993)

Danielle Harris

At the peak of its popularity Danielle Harris appeared on the hit show Rosanne as Molly Tilden, one of the family’s new neighbors. She immediately caused a riff in the on again, off again relationship between David (Johnny Galecki) and Darlene (Sara Gilbert). She played Nintendo and babysat little brother DJ (Michael Fishman), who even creepily watched her getting naked with a magnifying scope from his bedroom window in one episode. By and large, she looked very rock ‘n’ roll and was just cool as hell.

13. Debbie Thornberry, Queen Of Sarcasm – The Wild Thornberrys (1998-2004)

 Danielle Harris

While it’s hard to pick just one moment, this list wouldn’t be complete without a mention of our favorite animated Nickelodeon Nicktoonsters Debbie Thornberry. Debbie is a typical teenager, she likes boys and is captivated by music and fashion. However, unlike most kids her age, Debbie travels around the world with her parents, sister, adopted brother, and a chimp. She isn’t really about that life, constantly whining and complaining; she often uses sarcasm as her only means to convey the struggles of a teenage girl abroad. Harris voiced the character for 92 episodes of The Wild Thornberrys as well as three movies; The Wild Thornberrys: The Origin of Donnie (2001), The Wild Thornberrys Movie (2002) and Rugrats Go Wild (2003).

12. Dominatrix Dance – Wish Upon a Star (1996)

Danielle Harris

Wish Upon a Star tells the now cliché story of two characters who magically swap bodies and subsequently have to spend several days living each other’s life. In this film we find we find two sisters, Alexia (Katherine Heigl) and Hayley (Danielle Harris) who both wish they could live each other’s lives. After this happens, your typical hijinks for this type of story occur, including the standard scene where they try to sabotage each other’s life. In the most memorable moment of the film Alexia (in Hayley’s body) goes to school dressed as a dominatrix and takes things up a notch by actually doing a risqué dance in the outfit in the cafeteria in front of the entire school. This is back when Disney Channel was apparently a little more lenient with their programming.

11. Threesome Between Adam Green & Kane Hodder – Holliston (2013)

Danielle Harris

In the underrated horror sitcom Holliston Adam Green and Joe Lynch play exaggerated versions of themselves, two aspiring genre filmmakers. Danielle Harris makes a cameo in an episode appropriately titled “Halloween Girl”. After Joe and Adam convince genre legend Kane Hodder to appear in their upcoming production “SHINPADS” they also manage to get Harris to also consider. They fly her out but quickly discover that she is more interested in using Adam for his money (the little he has) and his…prescription pills. In one of the weirdest and funniest moments of the show, Danielle actually comes close to hooking up with Adam when she shows up in his bedroom seductively in full clown costume (the same she wore as Jamie Lloyd in the Halloween films). Things are weird and only get weirder when Kane Hodder shows up and throws on his Jason Voorhees mask (the role he’s best known for) and joins in. Voorhees meets Myers…sort of.

10. Getting It On Over a Rock – The Victim (2011)

Danielle Harris

The Victim is a modestly sleazy grindhouse film directed, written and starring Michael Biehn. The actor plays a recluse living in the middle of the woods. The most memorable moment of the film is when Mary (Danielle Harris), a cokehead stripper gets it on with Biehn’s character over a rock in the middle of the woods. The Victim isn’t so much a traditional-style horror movie but fans of the genre will probably enjoy the drugs, sex and death scenes.

9. Killing Herself – Five Finger Death Punch’s The Bleeding (2007)

 Danielle Harris

The Bleeding was the lead single off of metal band Five Finger Death Punch’s first album; The Way Of The Fist (2007). The video for the song is notable for featuring our favorite scream queen Danielle Harris as the girlfriend of vocalist Ivan Moody. At the beginning of the video everything seems good between the couple until things take a dark turn. It is implied that Harris’ character commits suicide by hanging herself. The video ends with Moody taking an urn out of a box and spreading her ashes on his bed. A great song and video in its own right that has a whole new meaning after going though a break-up.

8. Posing Nude In Inked Magazine (2013)

Danielle Harris

With the assistance of tattoo artist Kirk Alley, Danielle has been working on a massive piece with lilies and initials that literally wraps around her whole body. Late in 2013 the actress stripped down for Inked Magazine and made all of our collective heads explode. In the tasteful yet NSFW photos we see Harris soaking wet in the shower as well as in several other compromising positions.

7. Getting Married (2014)

Danielle Harris

In 2013, Harris became engaged to David Gross; they married on January 4, 2014. The two got hitched at the Holualoa Inn in Hawaii. 66 friends and family members were in attendance for the ceremony, including bridesmaid and “General Hospital” star Kimberly McCullough. He’d better treat her right, or else, well we might do something we might regret.

6. Giving Granny The Finger – Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter’s Dead (1991)

Danielle Harris Middle Finger

This cult-classic comedy follows seventeen-year-old Sue Ellen (played by Christina Applegate), whose mother leaves for a two-month summer vacation, putting all five siblings in the care of a stern tyrannical elderly babysitter. Danielle plays Melissa, the youngest sister, a tomboyish no-nonsense young whippersnapper who isn’t too happy with the current arrangement. While there are plenty of quotes to choose from, her most memorable moment of the film comes from, not words, but a simple gesture of disapproval flung at the elderly babysitter. A picture is worth a thousand words but a middle finger is worth so much more.

5. Hooking Up On The Internet – Urban Legend (1998)

Danielle Harris

In the meta slasher film Urban Legend, Danielle Harris plays Tosh a goth girl who flips out on her roommate, takes lithium like it’s going out of style, and has sex with guys she meets on the internet. When we first meet Tosh she is having rough sex with an equally weird goth guy. Later, after unintentionally meeting the killer of the movie online she is promptly killed.

4. Bloody Shower Scene – Hatchet III (2013)

Danielle Harris

The epic conclusion of Adam Green’s Hatchet films opens with Danielle Harris turning herself in to the police after the bloody events of the previous film. After doing battle with the ferocious Victor Crowley she is covered head to toe in blood when she walks into the police station. The cops promptly slam her to the ground and arrest her. Afterwards they force her to take a shower and wash the blood off. Is it gratuitous? Not necessarily, but it wouldn’t bother us if it was.

3. Michael Myers Reunion – Halloween (2007)

Danielle Harris

Rob Zombie’s remake of the iconic John Carpenter classic undoubtedly divided horror fans upon its release; some people love and others hate it. At the time one thing every horror fans was anticipating was the return of Danielle Harris to the franchise. This time she would be playing Annie Brackett (played by Nancy Loomis in the original). While Annie is getting ready to have sex with her boyfriend Michael Myers shows up to do his part in preventing promiscuous intercourse. While Annie gets attacked pretty brutally, she manages to actually survives (until the next movie, of course). This film is notable as being both Danielle’s triumph return to the horror genre and her one and only nude scene to date.

2. The Death Of Victor Crowley – Hatchet II (2010)

Danielle Harris

In late December 2009 Danielle Harris announced on her Twitter account that she would be taking over the role of Marybeth, which was originally played by Tamara Feldman in the original Hatchet. Kane Hodder reprised his role as the behemoth killer that is Victor Crowley. What is arguably the greatest entry of the trilogy, Hatchet II was bloodier, funnier and more awesomely over-the-top than its predecessor. The final scene of the film finds Marybeth using Victor Crowley’s own hatchet against him viciously attacking him before taking a shotgun and shooting him in the face. Quite brutal, quite awesome!

1. The Second Coming Of Michael Myers – Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers (1988)

Danielle Harris

This is where it all started so it only makes sense that this is where we would end things. We all know that Harris’ first two (and most popular) films were Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers (1988) and Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers (1989) as Jamie Lloyd; the niece of infamous serial killer Michael Myers. There are plenty of moments from the two films to choose from (the laundry chute scene or the unmasking scene) but we’re going to go with the most iconic.

After the events of the fourth film Jamie becomes possessed by Michael’s spirit and stabs her foster mother. When screams are heard from upstairs, we see Jamie poised at the top holding a pair of bloody scissors. Jamie is now apparently consumed by Michael’s rage, fade to black. TOO EPIC!

What’s was your favorite Danielle Harris moment? What moment should we have included or left out? Let us know in the comment section below.

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