Kirsten Dunst Goes Topless For Madame Figaro Magazine

A few weeks ago Kirsten Dunst was explaining that she doesn’t mind doing nude scenes now the actress is posing topless for Madame Figaro magazine. The former child star spoke to the publication about her personal definition of glamor and her love of France.

“I feel more appreciated, more special in France,’ she tells the magazine. “In the United States, if you are not in the latest superhero movie, people will forget. In France, it is different; people still speak to me a lot about my former roles in more underground stuff.” If you can speak French then head over and read the entire interview HERE. Meanwhile check out a few pictures from her photo shoot below, which include the aforementioned topless cover as well as the actress in a elegant black and white bathing suit.

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Kirsten Dunst Madame Figaro Magazine

Kirsten Dunst Bathing Suit

Kirsten Dunst Dress

[via Daily Mail]

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