Superhero Enthusiast Builds His Own Street-Legal Batmobile

Raise your hand if you’ve ever had a fantasy that you were Batman at some point in your life! Who hasn’t dreamt of driving around in the Batmobile, fighting crime and then making Catwoman’s kitten purrrr before the sun comes up. Maybe orchestrating a threesome with Poison Ivy & Harley Quinn or perhaps a nightcap with Vicki Vale? We have issues, we’re aware.

Anyway, one superhero enthusiast took his love one step further than your average fan. After a life-long love of Batman, 29-year-old Sydney man Zac Mihajlovic spent two years constructing a Batmobile in his backyard. The superhero devotee made a 6.2 metre Batmobile modeled in precise detail on the one used by Batman in the 1989 movie – the only one in the world with satiated street registration.

Mihajlovic apparently doesn’t have any formal mechanical training; “I’m a car and bike guy so I love all that sort of stuff,” he said. “It doesn’t get much better, if you can build anything what would you build? For me it was a Batmobile,” he told MailOnline.

Read the story in its entirety HERE, where Mihajlovic explains in further detail what he had to do to complete the vehicle and the struggle of making it street legal. You can also scope out a plethora of super cool photos of the Batmobile that we all wish we could drive to the supermarket Off to the Batmobile!

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Fan Made Batmobile

[via Daily Telegraph & The Chronicle]

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