Rob Zombie Talks Crowdfunding & Being Afraid Of Clowns

Despite the early rumors, Rob Zombie’s next film will definitely not be a sequel to his much beloved Devil’s Rejects. Instead his film will simply be called 31. The story follows five people who are kidnapped in the five days leading up to Halloween and how they must fight to survive in a place called Murder World playing the game “31.”

Zombie recently sat down with Rolling Stone to discuss the film as well as other aspects of his life. For instance, with all the creepy clown imagery that seems to be included in a typical Zombie flick, does the guy have some sort of aversion to them?

“Maybe when I was a baby or something. I remember seeing this Super 8 footage that my parents made of me at the grand opening of McDonald’s or something. I was a little older than a baby and Ronald McDonald was there, freaking the fuck out of me. I didn’t even know it was a clown. It was just a guy with a white face and bright red hair, and a stranger. So I was not too happy. [But] I’ve never had a fear of clowns. I find clowns fascinating. On one level, they’re very entertaining and on another, they’re incredibly repulsive.”

Rob Zombie 31 Poster

For his latest film, Zombie decided to buck the traditional movie system and raise funds directly from the people who want to see the film get made. Over the next two months, Zombie is looking to raise funds for the film via his new website RZ-31.

The director plans to give away plenty of cool incentives for fans who support the project. Such as, autographed posters, a chance for Zombie to follow a winner on Twitter, a winner’s name in the credits, a lifetime laminate to see Zombie on tour at any show and a gig as an extra in 31.

The film hasn’t been cast yet but we can imagine that his wife, Sheri Moon Zombie, will play a pretty integral role in the proceedings. The musician also talks about his latest music and gets more specific with his crowdfunding giveaways. You can read the interview in its entirety via the link above.

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