20 Greatest Middle Finger Movie Moments

Last week America celebrated its annual World Middle Finger Day. We’re a little bit late but we decided to celebrate by counting down some of our favorite movie scenes featuring characters flipping the bird. The gesture dates back to Ancient Greece but is still very much used today. These are the twenty most memorable middle finger movie moments.

20. Babysitter Disapproval – Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter’s Dead (1991)

Danielle Harris Don't Tell Mom

After her mother leaves her and her siblings to go on a vacation for the summer young Melissa (Danielle Harris) is quite pissed that she has been given a babysitter who makes her wear cute dresses and a name badge. She lets her frustrations be known.

19. The Gathering Ceremony – The Starving Games (2013)

Starving Games Middle Finger

2013’s Hunger Games parody The Starving Games wasn’t really that funny overall but it did give us a rather amusing moment to walk away with. Poking fun at the “Reaping” scene of The Hunger games, the film replaces the infamous three finger salute with a more appropriate one finger salute. Can you guess what finger it is?

18. Joanna Quits – Office Space (1999)

Jennifer Aniston Middle Finger

Joanna (Jennifer Aniston) tells the manager of Chotchkie’s (director Mike Judge) what he can do with his “flair”. Aniston’s masterful moment of “expressing myself” flawlessly personifies the way that almost every under-appreciated worker has wanted to tell off their boss at one point or another.

17. I’m CEO, B*tch – The Social Network (2010)

Social Network Justin Timberlake Scene

Although The Social Network is chock-full of Aaron Sorkin’s Oscar-winning dialog, Sean Parker’s (Justin Timberlake) simple-yet-emphatic gesture to a building full of executives remains one of the movie’s most unforgettable moments.

16, F*ck The Free World – 8 Mile (2002)

Eminem 8 Mile Middle Finger

Eminem’s turn as the struggling battle rapper B-Rabbit deserves some sort of award for the most amount of obscene gestures packed into one movie. Whether he’s giving his would-be girlfriend the finger, his best friends or simply letting an entire crowd know how he feels. The real-life Eminem doesn’t give a F and neither does his cinematic counterpart.

15. Cheer-ocracy – Bring It On (2000)

Eliza Dushku Bring It On Tryout

Cheerleading never seemed so malicious as it did in Bring It On. Tough girl Missy (Eliza Dushku) isn’t really tatted up as she auditions for the cheerleading squad…and she has an expressive way of proving it. Demonstrating that she could dish it out as well as take it.

14. Homer Makes His Escape – The Simpsons Movie (2007)

Simpsons Movie Homer Middle Finger Scene

Can’t really explain it, but there is just something inappropriate about seeing Homer Simpson throw both of his middle fingers in the air. Despite the fact that the series was once considered edgy and raunchy (in the early ’90s) it’s rather tame compared to shows like Family Guy or anything on Adult Swim. Nevertheless Homes lets the people of Springfield know how he feels as he makes his escape from an angry mob.

13. Birdie In The Sky – Top Gun (1986)

Top Gun Middle Finger

In a move probably not sanctioned by the Pentagon, hot shot Maverick (Tom Cruise) decides to flip-off an enemy MiG because he can’t shoot… and he wants to have some “fun”. Gives the middle a finger, Top Gun anthem plays, AMERICA!

12. Student Driver Car Chase – The Naked Gun (1988)

Naked Gun Student Driver

Lt. Frank Drebin (Leslie Nielsen) needs to chase down an attempted killer so he commandeers the first car that comes along. Turns out it’s a driver’s ed vehicle with an inexperienced student behind the wheel. After getting cut off by a truck, the instructor educates his pupil on how to properly flip someone off. “Gently, now…Extend your arm…And extended your middle finger.”

11. Chucky Getting Rude – Bride of Chucky (1998)

Bride Of Chucky Middle Finger

Our two favorite killer dolls, Chucky (Brad Dourif) and his literal ride-or-die girl Tiffany (Jennifer Tilly) are on a road trip to New Jersey to get themselves some new bodies. Along the way Chucky comes across a stoner kid who is taken aback by the sight of a living doll. Chucky promptly gives him the finger and keeps it moving.

10. Mini Me Gets Angry – Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me (1999)

Austin Powers Mini Me Middle Finger

After beating the crap out of our favorite International Man of Mystery (Mike Myers) for what feels like an eternity Mini Me declares a moment of piece. Sike! His peace sign quickly turns into a one finger gesture that more appropriately displays how he feels.

9. Turnt Up – The Breakfast Club (1985)

Breakfast Club Middle Finger

What is probably the most hilariously awesome insults of all time; Bender (Judd Nelson) points his middle finger at the ground, looks his new pal Andy (Emilio Estevez) square in the eye and says, “Can you hear this? Want me to turn it up?” while extending his central digit into the air. Thank you for that John Hughes. Honorable mention to rich girl Claire (Molly Ringwald), for not appreciating being told that, one day, she’s going to be fat.

8. Middle Finger Claw – X-Men (2000)

Wolverine Middle Finger Claw

As far as the X-Men go, Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine is the one member of the team you can always count on to tell it to you like it is. Even if this means extending his middle adamantium claw to get his point across. There’s a reason this guy is in every X-Men movie.

7. Mystique Kicking Ass – X2: X-Men United (2003)

Mystique Middle Finger

As much as we loved Jennifer Lawrence as Mystique in X-Men: Days of Future Past it’s hard not to still love Rebecca Romijn’s turn as the character ten times more. In one of her more bad-ass scenes Mystique single-handedly takes out a room full of mutant hating scum-bags before she coolly slides out of the room giving all of her assailants the finger. A lesson on how to properly exit a room after kicking everybody’s ass.

6. Middle Finger Hello – Mr. Bean: The Movie (1997)

mr bean middle finger scene

Mr. Bean (Rowan Atkinson) is sent from London to Los Angeles where he is greeted with open arms, especially from a biker who promptly give him the finger. Bean assumes that this is a greeting of endearment and proceeds to give everybody he meets the finger. Old ladies, women going jogging, everyone.

5. Nothing Will Ever Kill Freddy – Freddy’s Dead: The Final Nightmare (1991)

Freddy Krueger Middle Finger

It’s no secret that Freddy Krueger is pretty much unkillable, and he isn’t afraid to let you know this in an obscene fashion. First, they tried burning him [slices off thumb]. Then they tried burying him [slices off index finger]. Then they even tried using holy water [slices off middle finger]. But he just keeps on ticking.

4. Danny McBride Shoots Everyone – This Is the End (2013)

Danny McBride This Is The End

The world is coming to an end in Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg’s directorial debut. A whole group of celebrities are stuck together in James Franco’s Hollywood home, including Danny McBride who isn’t doing a great job of being liked by the group. They eventually and reluctantly kick him out but not before he tries to shoot everybody dead with a gun he didn’t realize was merely a prop. Awkward. McBride ultimately leaves the house in the greatest way ever, giving everybody the finger as he backs out gracefully.

3. Jack In The Box Middle Finger – Guardians of the Galaxy (2014)

Guardians Of The Galaxy Middle Finger

Who would have thought that Chris Pratt, Andy Dwyer from Parks and Recreation could make such a bad-ass action star. Welp, that’s exactly what he is now thanks to his turn as Star-Lord in the latest Marvel offering Guardians of the Galaxy. Years from now, the scene that will be the defining moment in the film will come when his character is apprehended by the authorities. While he’s standing in the line-up he gives them all the middle finger in the most awesome way possible, via some sort of middle finger malfunctioning machine. What an a-hole!

2. Demonically Possessed Middle Finger – Evil Dead II (1987)

Evil Dead 2 Hand Scene

You bastards… you dirty bastards! In Sam Raimi’s comedy horror classic Ash’s (Bruce Campbell) demonically possessed, disembodied hand, runs amok and literally flips himself off. Lets give him a hand. Get it? No? Not funny? Okay, moving on.

1. F*ck You Chelios – Crank: High Voltage (2009)

Crank 2 Middle Finger

Chev Chelios (Jason Statham) doesn’t seem to be a very well-liked man. After surviving the ultimate charge, a flaming hot Chelios defeats El Huron (Clifton Collins Jr.), is under the impression that he’s making out with his love Eve (Amy Smart) and gives the ultimate middle finger to us, the audience, literally. All this over the smooth sounds of REO Speedwagon’s Keep On Loving You. Too epic!

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