Will Sin City: A Dame to Kill For Be More Fondly Remembered In Retrospect?

It’s been 9 Years and 5 Months since the Frank Miller and Robert Rodriguez classic Sin City hit theaters in 2005. Its sequel, Sin City: A Dame to Kill is finally upon us. Why did this movie take so long to get made? Don’t know, don’t care!

Now, most people remember the original Sin City with generally fond memories. Mickey Rourke as the barrel chested brute known as Marv is one of the greatest movie characters of all time. At the time the film was praised for its gloriously stylized world that was unlike anything we’ve seen before on screen. Also, the film gets a million bonus points for presenting Carla Gugino nude, brandishing a handgun.

So, nearly a decade later, how did this new film turn out? Well, it’s not bad… per se. The film does lose a few points for not having Jessica Alba’s Nancy Callahan (A STRIPPER) not getting nude, yet again, even when she is literally stripping off her clothes. Other than that, it’s pretty much everything you’d expect in a Sin City movie. There is plenty of violence, nudity and obscenities to satisfy any Frank Miller fan quite thoroughly. The movie is just as gorgeous as ever, the directing is on point and all of the actors – Mickey Rourke, Josh Brolin, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Rosario Dawson, Bruce Willis, Eva Green, etc – did an admirable job.

However, since the film’s release it hasn’t been well received by the fans or the critics (the original film currently holds a 78% on Rotten Tomatoes while its sequel currently holds a 45%). Why is this? As we said before, the movie is just as good (or as bad) as the original. Why so much hate? Well, if you read nearly any review online one of the first “criticisms” you are bound to hear is the fact that the movie took so long to come out. Or in other words, the “originality” is gone.

Mickey Rourke Sin City 2

Bruce Willis Sin City 2

Joseph Gordon-Levitt Sin City 2

In a recent Cinema Snob review the internet critic flat out said that the fact that this movie has come out nearly a decade after the original prevented him from enjoying it. And he’s apparently not alone in this way of thinking. This indeed seems to be the consensus, but is it a fair one? Well, yes and no.

The delayed movie sequel is a trend that has been around for what seems like forever. Just look at a few recent sequels and how long it took them to finally come out; Riddick (9 Years, 3 Months), The X-Files: I Want To Believe (10 Years, 1 Month), Terminator 3: Rise Of The Machines (12 Years), Basic Instinct 2 (14 Years), Escape From L.A. (15 Years, 1 Month), Indiana Jones & The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull (19 Years), Rambo (19 Years, 8 Months), Land Of The Dead (19 Years, 11 Months), The Wicker Tree (37 Years, 7 Months) and plenty of others.

One thing that all of those aforementioned movies have in common is the fact that none of them were well received upon their release. While films like Terminator 3 and Escape From LA have found a significant number of fans over the years, let’s look at another example. In 1972 we saw the release of the Francis Ford Coppola classic The Godfather, followed by The Godfather Part II in 1974. These two movies were (and still are) considered two of the greatest movies of all time, unquestionably. However, sixteen years later in 1990 we got The Godfather Part III, which wasn’t as well received (to put it lightly). Decades later and the final entry of the trilogy is just now getting the respect it deserves.

Jessica Alba Sin City Dancing

Rosario Dawson Sin City 2

Eva Green Ava Lord

Now, to be clear, Sin City is no Godfather and A Dame to Kill probably shouldn’t even be considered a Godfather III. However, it’s clear that the average film-goer may need a little time to clear their mind before they can wrap their heads around what they have just witnessed.

Sin City: A Dame to Kill is no masterpiece but it is almost guaranteed to better received by future audiences who discover it on Netflix (or whatever the equivalent to Netflix will be twenty years from now). The movie is very beautifully shot and quite beautiful to look at. It’s reminiscent of a genre that is all but dead. In short, for those who appreciated Robert Rodriguez and Frank Miller’s campy, kinetic film noir homage, this movie is unlikely to disappoint. Though, it will probably be a long time before the film is recognized for what it has to offer. Also, the movie gets a billion bonus points for the gratuitous Eva Green nude scenes. Kudos!

What did you guys think of Sin City: A Dame to Kill? Let us know in the comment section below.

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