Reese Witherspoon Brings Back ‘Legally Blonde’ Character To Support A 4-Year-Old Battling Cancer

Sadly, we doubt that there will ever be a Legally Blond 3, but in the meantime we have this. Reese Witherspoon has donned her Elle Wood pink duds once again—and this time it’s for a cause. Reese recently posted this throwback “Pink Lady” video and Instagram to show support for a four-year-old named Will who is currently battling cancer.

Will’s mother Julie emailed Reese to let her know that one of her best-known roles in 2001′s “Legally Blonde” had helped cheer her son up while he was in the hospital. After hearing this, the actress simply had to send a personal message to her young fan. Kudos!

Reese Witherspoon Instagram Photo

[via MTV]

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