10 Kickass Female Movie Characters Who Aren’t Overly Sexualized

Kickass women in movies aren’t as scarce as many people believe them to be. However, it’s rare to see a kickass women character who isn’t overtly sexual or desirable. Most of these characters have to at least be half naked or wearing revealing or unnecessarily skin tight outfits. From Angelina Jolie in the Tomb Raider films, to Selina Kyle in Dark Knight Rises to Scarlett Johansson as Black Widow to just about every female character in the Sin City movies.

Today we are going to be looking at women in movies who kicked serious ass but didn’t have to look like a supermodel while doing so. Although, these women are still pretty sexy, it’s just not thrown in our face all crazy.

10. Julie Estelle as Alicia a.k.a. “Hammer Girl” – The Raid 2: Berandal (2014)

The Raid 2 Subway Fight

The Raid films are the epitome of a “guy” film. Blood, bruises and enough testosterone to make your head explode. However, one of the most badass moments comes from a quiet killer we know simply as “Hammer Girl”. Why do they call her this? Well, it’s because she’s a ruthless hired assassin who is especially gifted with claw hammers. In a particularly gruesome scene Hammer Girl goes on a killing spree on a subway where she takes out a dozen gangsters with ease and rather brutally with her weapons of choice in hand.

9. Antje Traue as Faora – Man Of Steel (2013)

Man Of Steel Faora

In this Superman reboot Faora is General Zod’s sub-commander and a commander of the Kryptonian military who is completely devoted and loyal to Zod (Michael Shannon). Merciless, cold, and brutal in her methods, Faora’s military training and skills make her a very dangerous opponent to the Man Of Steel.

8. Geena Davis as Charly Baltimore – The Long Kiss Goodnight (1996)

Long Kiss Goodnight Geena Davis

Samantha Caine (Geena Davis) is a woman suffering from amnesia who begins to recover her memories. She quickly realizes that her real name is Charlene Elizabeth “Charly” Baltimore and that she is actually a deadly assassin. While we do get a few scenes showing off the character’s half nakedness Charly is a character who simply kicks ass without the high heels and leather pants.

7. Emily Blunt as Sergeant Rita Vrataski – Edge of Tomorrow (2014)

Emily Blunt Edge Of Tomorrow

Emily Blunt plays Sergeant Rita Vrataski, the “Angel of Verdun” (or “Full Metal Bitch” behind her back). She’s completely bad-ass, as she takes on aliens with a helicopter blade, yeah that’s right, her weapon of choice, her “sword” is a helicopter blade! How badass is that?!

6. Linda Hamilton as Sarah Connor – Terminator 2: Judgment Day (1991)

Sarah Connor Terminator 2

The original Terminator of course follows a cyborg sent back to the ‘80s to kill Sarah Connor (Linda Hamilton) before she can give birth to the future savior of the human race. While the character was innocent and naive in the first film Hamilton underwent an extensive thirteen-week training regimen to become the badass we know and love in the sequel a few years later.

5. Michelle Rodriguez as Christina “Chris” Sanchez – S.W.A.T. (2003)

Michelle Rodriguez SWAT Wallpaper

From Girlfight, The Fast and the Furious, Resident Evil, Machete and countless others, Michelle Rodriguez has proven time and time again that she can play the ultimate badass characters. No role embodies this as much as her turn as the only female in an all-male SWAT team.

4. Uma Thurman as the Bride – Kill Bill Volume 1 (2003)

Uma Thurman Kill Bill Training

Beatrix Kiddo a/k/a The Bride a/k/a Black Mamba is a former member of the Deadly Viper Assassination Squad. She has been described as “the deadliest woman in the world”. After being targeted by her former allies in a wedding chapel massacre, she falls into a coma. When she awakens four years later, she embarks on a deadly trail of revenge unlike anything we’ve ever seen.

3. Hayley Atwell as Peggy Carter – Captain America: The First Avenger (2011)

Captain America Peggy Carter

An officer of the British Armed Forces in and before World War II, Margaret “Peggy” Carter joined the Strategic Scientific Reserve – an Allied deep science agency created exclusively for the fight against the Red Skull’s evil HYDRA. Despite her gorgeous looks, she gets just as down and dirty as the rest of them. We didn’t really see much of her physical capabilities in the Captain America movies, but her own Marvel One-Shot displayed exactly what she can do.

2. Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss Everdeen – The Hunger Games Films (2012-2014)

Hunger Games Jennifer Lawrence

Katniss took the best of a bad situation, and gave it everything she had. At 16 years old she volunteered to basically go die, so her little sister didn’t have to. It doesn’t get much more badass than that! She’s brave, she’s selfless, and she’s not completely obsessed with a boy. Katniss represents the modern warrior woman, and anyone who can shoot a bow and arrow with killer aim has to be one of the best kick-ass female characters to look up to.

1. Emma Watson as Hermione Granger – Harry Potter Movies (2001-2011)

Emma Watson Harry Potter Poster

As much as we love Katniss you have to pay homage to one of the originators. Hermione made reading cool. She’s also part of one of the few major Hollywood blockbusters that doesn’t revolve entirely around a love story. And while Katniss found herself in the middle of a war by a series of ill-timed circumstances; Hermione fights the good fight completely by choice. On top of that, her brain is her best asset (not to say that she doesn’t kick her fair amount of butt). Remember the time she punched Malfoy in the face? Totally badass!

Now, this is far from a definitive list so let us know who you’d like to add in the comment section below.

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One thought on “10 Kickass Female Movie Characters Who Aren’t Overly Sexualized

  1. The movie Alien VS Predator (2004) offers another fine example where the heroine Alexa Woods, played by Sanaa Lathan is a well-developed character who is never sexualized. And more than that, this is one of the very few movies anywhere where a black woman is a bad ass action heroine without being victimized of sexualized.

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