Nostalgia Video: Marvel’s 1991 Power Pack TV Pilot

Just when we thought we heard of (if not actually seen) all of the various Marvel Entertainment forays into film and TV we came across this bit of nostalgia kiddie goodness… Power Pack.

Created by writer Louise Simonson and artist June Brigman; Power Pack was the first team of preteen superheroes in the Marvel Universe and the first in comics to operate without adult supervision. In 1991, following the cancellation of the original comic, Marvel developed Power Pack into a live-action show for NBC’s Saturday children’s television lineup. While a pilot episode was made, the series was indeed not picked up.

In the show you have Alex Power (Nathaniel Moreau), Julie Power (Margot Finley), Jack Power (Bradley Machry) and the adorable Katie Power (Jacelyn Holmes) whose powers range from being able to run faster than the speed of light to absorbing molecules with a touch and converting them into pure energy.

With Marvel reportedly planning a new Power Pack movie (yeah, we’re holding our breath), let’s take a look back at this oddity of a show. It features actors you’ve never heard of, music that sounds eerily similar to the Edward Scissorhands theme song, and even a Spider-Man cameo.


[via Marvel Enterprises & New World Entertainment Films]

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