This Supercut Of ’80s Movie Heroes Is Beyond Epic

For some movie fans, the 80s will never be surpassed. The 70s might have been a more important decade for cinema, with its gritty, groundbreaking releases, but the 80sā€™ high output of tongue-in-cheek blockbusters, violent action movies and teen comedies was a lot more fun.

From Paul Verhoeven’s RoboCop to Tim Burton’s Batman, the 80s is a decade filled with hits that are still widely celebrated today (not to mention cult-classic films like The Last Dragon, Howard The Duck and Flash Gordon). These films also gave us some of the greatest cinematic heroes of all time; from Axel Foley to John McClane to John Matrix. This supercut takes a look at some of the greatest heroes to ever grace the big-screen. And it’s pretty epic!


[via Coponfilms]

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