Reese Witherspoon Breaks Down One Of Wild’s Most Emotionally Draining Scenes

It’s been several years since Reese Witherspoon starred in a movie worth recommending, and a decade since she won her Oscar for playing June Carter Cash. Whether by choice or coincidence, she’s been flying under the radar, making cinematic misfires that seem rather beneath her.

However, the actress came roaring back to life late last year with the earnest biopic, Wild, where she gives the performance of her career as heroin addict turned hiker Cheryl Strayed. Witherspoon embodies the physical and emotional travails of the sorrowful daughter/divorcée/druggie who leaves everything behind to hike the Pacific Crest Trail, hiking over a thousand miles from the Mojave Desert up to Canada.

Recently the actress stopped by Fandango’s FrontRunners to discuss the film and one of its most memorable scenes. Namely, it’s a moment where Cheryl comes across a women and her grandson (Evan O’Toole) on a trail. After the boy essentially grills her about her personal life (as children with no inclination tend to do) he breaks into song and leaves Cheryl sobbing for the first time on her journey. It’s a subtle yet powerful moment indeed. Listen to Witherspoon talk all about it.


[via Fandango]

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