A Visual History Of Cinematic Robots

In the past year experts including Elon Musk and Stephen Hawking have said the rise of ‘super-intelligent’ robots poses a threat to humanity. Even recently, Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates, too, has joined the voices calling for caution. A lot of people seem to feel this way. Some of the concerns are real but others are not. But why do people mostly feel this way to begin with? Thank Hollywood.

Since the dawn of movies, filmmakers have been making flicks featuring mechanical stars. Throughout the ages, they’ve fallen into a number of categories: evil robots hell bent on destroying humanity, loving buddy bots looking to help mankind, and the ever popular wise-cracking robots that don’t hate humans, but aren’t too fond of us, either.

With that, the folks over a Fusion have put together this supercut (similar to one we posted a few months ago and an infographic we posted a few weeks ago) which showcases nearly every robot in cinematic history; from The Mechanical Man to TARS from Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar. Sadly, once again, our favorite robot, Kristanna Loken as the ever sexy Terminatrix, is nowhere to be found.


[via Fusion]

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