Ryan Reynolds Finally Acknowledges That R.I.P.D. Was Terrible

Hollywood has had so much success with comic book adaptations that studios seem to think anything that originated in a comic can be made into a hit. When Universal purchased the rights to the Dark Horse comic Rest In Peace Department about lawmen in the afterlife, they surely figured it was a great idea for a buddy cop comedy. Yeah, not so much.

This Ryan Reynolds and Jeff Bridges disaster wanted to be the next Men In Black so bad; it just didn’t really pan out as such. That’s to say, 2013’s R.I.P.D. is the prime example of a blockbuster that you can see imploding under its own weight as you watch it: witness the disaster looming behind every CGI-addled set-piece, and in the way that Reynolds and Bridges glare at one another throughout. The premise – dead cops solve crimes as ghosts, whilst seeing ghosts – simply didn’t translate to the big-screen.

Well, while on a press tour for The Voices — a minimally-budgeted serial killer (comedy) movie — this is what Reynolds had to say to the Los Angeles Times, about needing to change his career after that undeniable misstep:

“I’ll be the first to admit I have not been as wise with my decision making as I should have been,” he says, his voice getting quieter toward the end of the sentence. “I wasn’t really methodical about, like, ‘What is this movie? What are we making here?'”

RIPD Movie

“Take “R.I.P.D.,” for example: “Is this a popcorn, bubble-gum romp? Is this a slightly subversive take on zombie culture?” he says, thinking of the questions he should have asked himself. “It was more like, ‘Whoa, cool, Jeff Bridges! And there’s some jokes in there that really work for me.'”

Moving forward, if Reynolds was offered a $200-million studio franchise again, he insists, he’d want to “really workshop it” to make sure he was the right fit.

Let’s hope this upcoming Deadpool movie doesn’t let us down as well.

[via The Los Angeles Times]

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