Here’s What Decades Of Batman Look Like In One Awesome Supercut

The Batman movie series has been through a number of far-reaching transformations over the years, and despite the rather unpredictable nature of the franchise’s quality as it has changed creative hands, the character’s undeniable mass appeal has cemented it in film history as the current #7 highest-grossing movie franchise of all time, with close to $4 billion in box office receipts to date.

Without so much as a superpower, Batman is the most relatable of all heroes, marked by tragedy and defined both by an essential need to protect his people, and to wipe out the culture of crime. He might not be the squeaky clean hero that Superman represents to Metropolis, but he is the hero that Gotham needs, and the one that millions of fans want.

“The Evolution of Batman In Cinema,” a cool supercut by Jacob T. Swinney, takes us on a quick tour of the Caped Crusader’s big-screen adventures — from the makeshift serials, to Christopher Nolan’s lavish spectacles, and, yes, Batman’s appearance in The Lego Movie.


[via Jacob T. Swinney]

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