Cinema Snob Remembers Friday The 13th: The Final Chapter

It’s hard to believe that the original Friday The 13th was released well over 30 years ago (with another entry on the way). It’s also hard to imagine that back in 1984 Paramount was looking to kill off its beloved killer Jason Voorhees (the movie studio was apparently tired of being associated with the future slasher icon). They wanted to go out with one last hurrah; thus Friday The 13th: The Final Chapter came about. The film made over $30 million at the box-office and of course Paramount reconsidered their anti-Jason Voorhees stand.

If Friday The 13th Part 3 is where the franchise first found its swagger then part four is where it perfected it. If somebody was unfamiliar with Jason and the F13 films and you could only play one movie for them, this would be it. The Final Chapter is like a compilation or a “best of” of the entire F13 series. Everything that this type of movie is known for is on full bloody display; horny teenagers, weed smoking, skinny dipping and machetes to the face.

Welp, one of our favorite movie reviewers, the Cinema Snob, has decided to take a look back at what many fans consider to be the greatest Friday The 13th of all time. It makes sense, seeing as though the Snob basically modeled his entire persona after the infamous rant that Roger Ebert delivered when the film was released where he called it an “immoral reprehensible, piece of trash” – among other things.


[via League of Super Critics]

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