75 Years of Romance In The Marvel Universe (INFOGRAPHIC)

Valentine’s Day is finally upon us, and we’re ready to celebrate. We already gave you Fifty Shades Of Hellraiser to help put you in the mood. Now, while we get ready to cozy up to our significant others, and put all the converging and secret warring on pause, we thought it’d be nice to look at the softer side of comic books with some lovely loving lads and lasses.

In over 75 years of Marvel comics there has been a plethora of superheroes, plenty of fighting, and a lot of hooking up. In honor of Valentine’s Day, here’s an infographic from WebHostingBuzz outlining every kiss, relationship, and marriage that has ever occurred between Marvel superheroes. From Wolverine and Storm to Iron Man and Emma Frost, it’s all mapped out.


Superlove Infographic

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