Jason X Was Almost A Very Different (Equally Ridiculous) Movie

When the original Friday the 13th was released in 1980 it changed the horror genre forever. Later, Jason Voorhees was brought into the mix and the sequels actually became better and better. Sadly, after about four or five films, the series took a nosedive into pitifulness.

Ultimately we got Jason X in 2001, which inexplicably took our favorite slasher icon into outer space. The film is technically a sci-fi horror film but it should really just be classified as a flat-out comedy. There are just too many humorous moments throughout the proceedings (some intentional and some not) to take the film seriously. You have a female cyborg whose nipples won’t stay on. You have Jason freezing a girl’s head with liquid nitrogen before smashing it on a counter. And who can forget Uber Jason? Though, for many F13 fans it’s the ultimate guilty pleasure, for sure.

Recently, Jason X screenwriter Todd Farmer, who also co-starred in the film, shared with his blog readers his original treatment for the sequel that took Jason Voorhees to space.

The original Jason X outline.

Here’s an interesting find from March 15th 1999.

If memory serves, the day before, we talked dozens of ideas. One of my favorites was Jimmy’s suggestion we set Crystal Lake in winter covered in snow. But there was concern that doing anything modern at Crystal Lake would screw up whatever the FVSJ team was planning over at New Line. I don’t recall which of the many teams that worked on FVSJ was working the script at the time. Cy and Ethan had left. I think it was the King of the Hill guys. Maybe. This was after SCREAM which had derailed FVSJ making everyone demand self-aware characters. If I recall, the King of the Hill guys had the ol’ “It was all a dream” 3rd act which led to the next team.

Anyhoo. We tossed out ideas for Jason takes Los Angeles. Jason takes the Middle-East. And I eventually pitched Jason Bladerunner, where Jason was found cryogenically frozen 500 years in the future. Though everyone involved loved the 500 years later part, the idea of creating “Future World” caused budget fears so I pitched the space truckers from Alien finding Jason rather than an Alien. Other horror icons “in space” were mentioned but I kept saying, “Right but Alien/Aliens”. The space truckers quickly became a class trip into space to make the cast younger. And I went home and started writing.

You can read the original outline here and then explode. Still, as mentioned above, Jason X is definitely the ultimate guilty pleasure movie. If you’re looking for a good scare, this isn’t the movie for you. If you’re looking for a good F13 movie, this isn’t for you (try Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter). If you just want to laugh your ass off for ninety minutes, this is definitely the movie you could use to accomplish that.

Jason X Sleeping Bag Scene

[via Bloody-Disgusting & Dread Central]

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