The Good, The Bad And The Ugly: The 30 Most Memorable Oral Sex Scenes In Film History

This time last year we posted an article that ran down all of the most memorable movie moments involving fellatio. It was a fairly popular post but it was lacking in many ways. First off, it wasn’t as in-depth as it could have been. Also, it was told mostly from a male’s point of view. And worst of all, there were simply too many scenes that were left out.

Welp, we’ve decided to take another stab at it; this time around we’re opening up our horizons and exploring oral sex (both cunnilingus and fellatio) in all of its cinematic glory wherever it was the most impactful. Some of these scenes are sexy, some of them are utterly repulsive, some of them are funny, and a number of them are simply… awkward. This is the most memorable and greatest oral sex scenes in mainstream film history.

30. Lovelace (2013)

Amanda Seyfried Lovelace

Lovelace follows the renowned career of iconic porn star Linda Boreman, better known as Linda Lovelace, as portrayed by Amanda Seyfried. Our story begins when Linda is a fairly happy go lucky young girl who meets a would be entrepreneur named Chuck (Peter Sarsgaard). After discovering that she is quite talented in the art of fellatio and later as the couple fall on hard times, he persuades her to enter the adult film business and shoot a porno.

While filming one of her early movies, Lovelace makes her co-star finish their scene a little…prematurely. We’re talking less than 60 seconds here. Needless to say, her reputation only grew from there.

29. Thinner (1996)

Thinner Movie Car Scene

Stephen King’s Thinner, commonly mistaken for a second-rate movie, is in fact a so-bad-it’s-great masterpiece. The plot is simple enough: Billy (Robert John Burke) is an overweight attorney who specializes in defending non-threatening Mafia member types. One night he accidentally runs over and kills an old gypsy woman with his car. This, in turn, brings on the wrath of the woman’s father, inspiring him to curse bulky Billy so that he looses weight until he wastes away and dies.

What was the reason Billy was so distracted and hit the woman with his car? Well, that would be because his wife Heidi (Lucinda Jenney) was giving him oral pleasure at the time. And yes, it is indeed an awkward sight to behold.

28. Nymphomaniac (2014)

Stacy Martin Nymphomaniac

For anyone who was expecting a porno, keep it in your pants. Lars von Trier’s Nymphomaniac, functions more like a Sex Ed. instructional video than anything else. The story follows Joe, a self-confessed sex addict who tells her unfortunate life story through flashbacks to a man who finds her beaten in an alley.

One of the craziest moments of the story is when a young teenage Joe (Stacy Martin), caught up in a bet with her friend about who can have sex with the most men during a train ride, gives a blowjob to a married man who begs her not to put him in this situation. She’s unsympathetic. He isn’t a person to her. She’s fixated on sex like an Olympic runner gunning for gold.

27. The Lords Of Salem (2012)

Lords Of Salem Church Scene

Rob Zombie is undoubtedly at his best when he’s handling self-created material, as in the demented House Of 1,000 Corpses and its calmer but no less nightmarish follow-up The Devil’s Rejects. The madness that is The Lords Of Salem is probably his sickest film to date.

Starring his wife (and go-to actress) Sheri Moon Zombie, the film follows a radio DJ named Heidi who unintentionally awakens a coven of witches after a record spins backwards on the air. As Heidi’s life begins to spiral more out of control, and as she begins to become more delusional, she momentarily seeks refuge at a local church. Soon enough a priest shows up to make small talk. However, before you know it, the priest becomes noticeably agitated as he proclaims that “Christ can’t save” Heidi before forcing her to go down on him. It turns out to be another delusion, but it’s quite disturbing nonetheless.

26. Belly (1998)

Belly Movie Car Scene

Taking recognizable imagery and sequence set-ups from films like Scarface and Goodfellas, Hype Williams’ Belly is admittedly devoid of one single original thought – it’s the cinematic equivalent of rappers sampling older, beloved songs to make hit records (and that’s certainly not a put-down).

DMX is a force of nature in the film as Tommy “Buns” Bundy, a drug dealer from Queens who robs, murders and pretty much does whatever he wants. He also lies to his girlfriend Keisha (Taral Hicks) about an affair that he’s been carrying on with a young girl from around the way named Kionna, played by ex-Murder Inc artist, Vita. In fact, in one scene, X is actually on the phone with Keisha as Kionna is going down on him in his car – cue D’Angelo’s Devil’s Pie.

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