Disney’s Frozen Meets John Carpenter’s The Thing And It’s Glorious

In 1982 John Carpenter finally intersected with his longtime idol Howard Hawks when he remade the director’s 1951 sci-fi classic The Thing From Another World (a movie that one of the babysitters is watching in Halloween) as The Thing, an altogether different beast that hedged closer to the original John W. Campbell short story and featured cutting-edge effects by the wizardly Rob Bottin and Stan Winston. The film, of course, followed a crew of researchers trapped inside a Norwegian camp as a shape-shifting creature picks them off one by one.

Welp, recently animator and Youtuber Lee Hardcastle decided to combine this genre classic with Disney’s Frozen and create something that’s beyond awesome. Using claymation, Hardcastle took the audio from the classic “blood test” scene in The Thing but replaced all the characters with ones from Frozen. It’s still absurdly gory and the amount of detail that has gone into it is truly fantastic.


[via Lee Hardcastle]

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