’80s Movie Heroes Strike Back In This Ultimate Supercut

In the late ’80s the great John Carpenter directed the sci-fi classic They Live and cast WWE Hall of Famer “Rowdy” Roddy Piper as the drifter hero of the piece, a man who discovers a special pair of glasses that reveal the true alien form of the elite members of society whose malign rule we suffer as they live among us.

This revelation doesn’t sit well with our hero, and he decides to fight for humankind, leading to one of the greatest on-screen fight sequences in film history and the awesomely cool line, “I have come here to chew bubble gum and kick ass, and I’m all out of bubble gum.” This scene alone proves that the ’80s were almost too epic!

Today, the folks over at Coponfilms have put together another massive supercut of cinematic ’80s heroes doing what they do best. Our heroes include; Ash Williams, The Toxic Avenger, Supergirl, Popeye, Pee-wee Herman, Elvira, and many more.

[via Coponfilms]

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