Protect Your Neck With This Atmospheric Supercut Of Old-School Movie Vampires

It’s no secret, those bloody Twilight films have ruined vampires for all of us. With each passing year, its become increasingly difficult to recall a vampire film that was genuinely frightening. Stephenie Meyer’s popular novels (and subsequent films) made a lot of people forget that vampires weren’t always PG-13 and they certainly weren’t concerned with befriending humans.

With that, the folks over at CBGP Features have put together this supercut montage of vamps in 80 films pre-1980, set to Marilyn Manson’s “Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)” cover by Eurythmics. From Christopher Lee’s many turns as Count Dracula in a string of iconic Hammer Horror films to Lina Romay as Irina von Karlstein in the cult-classic Female Vampire – they’re all covered (in blood). So grab your stake, garlic, silver, cross, holy water and whatever other clichéd vampire-battling paraphernalia you can find and protect your bodily fluids.


[via CBGP Features]

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