Supercut Looks At The Greatest Cinematic Slow-Motion Scenes Of All Time

Ever have the experience of when you trip, and it takes forever to reach the ground? It’s a commonly-held belief that when bad things happen, they happen slower, for our brain is that much more aware of what’s going wrong at the time. It is in this principle that movies developed the use of “slow motion”.

When used properly, few special effects are as exhilarating and awe-inspiring as the use of slow-mo. While the problem is often that it’s used to excess, slow-motion provides not just a heightened view of the action at hand, but also increases suspense, enhances the impact of a given emotion, and adds weight and force to superheroic feats.

With that, Invenire Films has made a supercut of the 20 greatest slow-mo scenes, so cue the music and start walking slow. From horror movies like Zombieland to comic book movies like Watchmen (who could forget that flower in the gun scene during the opening credits?) and Dredd – they’re all covered.


[via Invenire Films]

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