Classic Superhero Vehicles (INFOGRAPHIC)

Superman has always been fortunate. He can fly without the need of any kind of vehicle. Other famous superheroes aren’t quite as lucky. From Green Hornet’s Black Beauty to Batman’s Batpod – most superheroes require something a little extra to get them around.

With that, the people at Cherished Number Plates have created an infographic of ten classic superhero vehicles throughout the years, and though it only barely meets the definition of an “infographic” – it barely features any information, and yes, there are some graphics – it still has some pretty cool looking renditions of some vehicles that you might not find on top ten lists of this same topic across the internet. Here are ten of the coolest, most exciting ways that superheroes get around (sorry Spidey, the Spider-Mobile didn’t make the cut).


Superhero Vehicles

[via GeekTyrant]

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