The Complete History Of The Batmobile (INFOGRAPHIC)

So you think you know the Batmobile? Chances are you’re familiar, but we guarantee you don’t know the half. After 75 years of omnipresence, one can make a very strong case that the Batmobile is the most iconic automobile in all of pop culture history (just ask superhero enthusiast Zac Mihajlovic). Since Batman’s debut back in 1939’s “Detective Comics” #27, the caped crusader has always relied on a car — usually a stylish, feature-loaded one — to get him from his cave to crime scenes.

With that, the folks over at Comic Book Resources have put together this infographic to get you better acquainted with the many and various vehicles that have been called Batmobiles over the years. They’ve compiled models from TV, movies, comics, and even spoof porn parodies (just kidding about that last one). Click on the pic below for a larger version.


Batmobile Infographic

Batmobile Cost Infographic

Batmobile Feature Infographic

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