Take A Detailed Look At How The Infamous Defibrillator Scene From John Carpenter’s The Thing Was Done

John Carpenter finally intersected with his longtime idol Howard Hawks when he remade the director’s 1951 sci-fi classic The Thing From Another World as 1982’s The Thing, an altogether different beast that hedged closer to the original John W. Campbell short story and featured cutting-edge effects by the wizardly Rob Bottin. The film, of course, followes a crew of researchers who are being accosted by a parasitic extraterrestrial life-form that assimilates other organisms and in turn mimics them.

The most memorable moment of the film features Dr. Cooper (Richard Dysart) as he attempts to revive his mate Norris (Charles Hallahan) with a defibrillator. Appallingly, Norris has become inhabited by the “Thing,“ and as his chest caves in, Cooper’s arms are gruesomely torn off. Welp, the folks over at CineFix have decided to take an in-depth look at how this scene came to be (and here’s just a taste, there was melted bubblegum involved).


[via CineFix]

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