A Visual History Of The Ass-Kicking Evolution Of Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman is one of the most enduring super-powered characters of all time. Hailing from the fictional island of Themyscira in the Bermuda Triangle, the heroine is part of what is known as DC’s Holy Trinity – with the iconic Superman and Batman putting her in good company in the trio.

Possessing super-strength, durability, speed, stamina and endurance, as well as the ability to fly, and an array of powerful mystical weapons, the woman also known as Diana Prince has been a force to be reckoned with ever since she first appeared in comics, back in 1941.

However, for the most part, people’s perceptions of the Goddess Of Truth consist of the campy seventies TV series starring Lynda Carter, which consisted mainly of punching Nazis and wearing what looked a bit like a star-spangled nappy. Unlike Batman, who eventually manage to shake off associations with the similarly silly Adam West series, Wonder Woman has never quite recovered in popular culture. She’s oftentimes seen as a relic of a past age, comic book ephemera, a bit of a boring character who’s rightfully been forgotten by most.

With Gal Gadot set to play the character on the big screen in the upcoming Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice, the character has seen a bit of a resurgence in recent years. With that, the folks over at Fast Company have put together this video, tracking the evolution of the character – from a feminist tough-girl to what you’re likely going to be seeing in the theater less than a year from now.


[via Fast Company]

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