Ellen Page Explored Legal Action After Nude Video Game Images Leaked Online

Just when we all thought the fallout from the Sony hacks was over, WikiLeaks made is super easy to find just about anything by posting the emails in their entirety along with a search function. The latest? Well, possible litigation from Miss Kitty Pryde herself, Ellen Page.

Much to the dismay of male fans across the world, Page has never been nude onscreen. She did, however, appear nude(ish) in a video game. The game was 2013’s (fairly disappointing) Beyond: Two Souls for the PlayStation 3. As Jodie Holmes, Page plays a CIA spy / boots-on-the-ground soldier without batting an eye. Also, quite memorably, there is a scene featuring the character taking a somewhat extended shower. Her character model is never shown fully nude, nor is it possible to manipulate the game’s camera to see her naked in any meaningful way.

Page didn’t allow the game’s developers to scan her naked body. Instead, programmers and artists at the game’s development studio, France-based Quantic Dream, created a fully rendered naked model of Page’s in-game character. So, the image of a naked Page exists in the game’s code, but isn’t accessible by players.

However, if the game is run on what is known as a “debug” PlayStation 3, which is typically available only to game developers and journalists, players are indeed able to see Page naked. Which is to say: Yes, of course, images of a naked Ellen Page are very much available online. They’ve been available, unsurprisingly, since the game launched.

According to leaked emails, Page’s legal team got in touch with Sony, and eventually Sony Computer Entertainment America, the PlayStation arm of Sony. By the time it got to SCEA, Page’s attorney was talking legal action.

It’s unclear what actually became of the entire fiasco but you can read the story in its entirety as reported by Business Insider, and wag your finger yay or nay accordingly.

[via Business Insider]

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