Nostalgia Critic Reviews The Legend Of Zorro

Zorro has been a fixture in American cinema for decades. Part cowboy, part pirate, and maybe even a little bit Batman, he’s been protecting the poor and the innocent from the corrupt Mexican government for as long as most of us can remember. But he’s never been better than when played by Antonio Banderas, in the surprisingly great 1998 film The Mask Of Zorro. Seven years later, and maybe five years too late, a slightly out-of-touch Banderas came back for a sequel (with Catherine Zeta-Jones reprising her role as the ever-beautiful Eléna as well).

2005’s The Legend Of Zorro is not the nearly perfectly done movie that its predecessor was, but it’s still a fun piece of swashbuckling adventure (for the most part). Today, the Nostalgia Critic lets his piece be known. Needless to say, he isn’t a fan.


[via Channel Awesome]

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