T-1000 Follows When Terminator 2 Meets It Follows

With its creepy chrome skeleton and untiring drive to eliminate human targets, the 800 series cyborg Terminator forever associated with Arnold Schwarzenegger was supremely badass when it debuted in 1984’s The Terminator. Then, in 1991’s sequel, James Cameron introduced the T-1000, a more advanced, chameleon-like shape-shifting liquid metal assassin capable of rapid restoration, spot-on physical and vocal mimicry of people as well as objects, and the formation of simple tools and weapons using its malleable “skin.”

Fast forward 20-some years, David Robert Mitchell’s recent genre hit, It Follows, comes with a concept so simple and genius that it’s hard to believe nobody’s thought of it before. After a young lady (Maika Monroe) has sex with her boyfriend for the first time, he tells her that he’s just passed something onto her. No, it’s not an STD – he’s just given a sexually transmitted entity, one that takes the form of various people only the inflicted person can see. You’re dead if the creature catches up to you.

So, what happens when cinema’s most calculating and deadly cyborg collides with the concept of It Follows? Well, you get T-1000 Follows, of course. Because would you rather have a monster who moves at a snail’s pace pursuing you or the Terminator equivalent of a Porsche? Well, preferably you wouldn’t want either, but you get the point.


[via Ultra Cool Media]

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