The Infamous Shower Scene From Psycho Deconstructed

Nobody had ever seen a film quite like Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho when it arrived in 1960. Nothing mainstream had ever been as perverse, as complicated and as terrifying.

At the start, we have clean cut Norman Bates (Anthony Perkins) just running his motel as usual. One of his clients is Marion (Janet Leigh), an attractive blonde who has just stolen $40,000 from her employer. There is significant plot and character development around Marion and we are led to believe she may be the film’s heroine. That is until she steps into that fateful shower.

Whilst taking said shower, Marion is surprised when the curtain is pulled back to reveal a silhouetted “woman” with a knife. She is then implied to be repeatedly stabbed by the assailant and dies.

Years later, and this iconic scene could still convince an individual to stick to bubble baths. And with that, the folks over at CineFix have decided to take an in-depth look at how, exactly, this scene came to be and how Hitchcock pulled it off.


[via CineFix]

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