The Worst Movie-inspired Video Games of all Time

While some may argue that the video game market is in decline (or at least threatened by the rise of social and mobile gaming), it remains a popular platform that continues to break down the boundaries of popular culture. As a result of this, it is not uncommon to see popular film franchises and iconic characters replicated in a video game environment, although the level of success that these creations enjoy varies considerably. Whether this is down to the popularity of the character in question or their suitability to the video game platform, some have made a relatively unsuccessful transition between game format and the silver screen.
With this in mind, let’s take a look at three of the worst movie-inspired video game titles of all time:

Iron Man (on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3)

Iron Man 2 Xbox 360

Although the Marvel comic book character Iron Man has been successfully replicated in a number of online slots (which can be found alongside titles such as Ladbrokes roulette and live blackjack), its transition to the video game platform has been less impressive. This is largely thanks to the efforts of SEGA, who chose to create an insanely frenetic and repetitive action game, without looking to create a layered plot that was diverse and capable and tapping into the characters existing fan base.

Tomorrow Never Dies (PlayStation)

Tomorrow Never Dies Playstation

How can a James Bond title fail on a console gaming platform I hear you ask? This would seem difficult, especially when you consider the popularity of the film franchise and its recent offerings. Following on from the innovative and successful GoldenEye (which revolutionised the first person shooter genre), this game came as a huge disappointment primarily because it eliminated many of the elements that made the previous instalment so popular. Reverting to the third person perspective and eliminating multi-player capabilities, it created an insular experience that was outdated and uninspiring.

Enter the Matrix (PC, PlayStation 2 and Xbox)

Matrix Playstation 2

Arguably the coolest movie of an entire generation, The Matrix seemed certain to translate well in the video gaming realm. Despite this, and the fact that the game was written by the filmmakers themselves, the console title failed to inspire and delivered a flat narrative alongside poor graphics and baffling gameplay options. Perhaps the most staggering faux pau as the omission of Neo as a central character, as players could only traverse the levels as Max Payne! This defied logic in every conceivable way, and ultimately undermined any chance of the game been successful despite its other flaws.

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