These Are All Of The Differences Between Watchmen The Movie And The Graphic Novel

Watchmen is, without a doubt, one of the finest works of the past century – never mind the format or the medium, it simply is. With that said, there are surely plenty of individuals that are aware of Watchmen purely due to Zack Snyder’s 2009 film adaption, but there’s no way that you can embark upon a respectable comic-book-buying habit without having read the original series.

When Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons launched the 12-issue series over at DC in 1986, no one in the mainstream had ever attempted a story so bold, complex, and brutal before. It took the very idea of superheroes and forever changed it by introducing these colorful characters to the same moral failings from which we all suffer.

The very thing that made Watchmen unique and highly-praised as a comic book – how it takes the superhero genre and subverts it with a much grittier interpretation of a world populated by caped crusaders – was also the very thing that made it so problematic as a film adaptation. Or at least that was part of it; there aren’t many studios out there willing to put up millions for a superhero movie full of political cynicism and unsparing ultra-violence.

So, how much does Snyder’s superhero blockbuster resemble its source material? Well, on the road from page to screen, a few things got changed, and the folks over at CineFix decided to walk you through every alteration.


[via CineFix]

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