5 Reasons You Should Be Following Dael Kingsmill

Hello humans.

A month or two ago as we were browsing the YouTubes we came across a YouTube channel by the name of Monarchs Factory. On it, we were introduced to a young lady by the name of Dael Kingsmill. Hailing from The Land Down Under (or whatever cool people call Australia), Dael immediately caught our attention with her wit, humor and penchant for randomness.

With that, we’ve decided to list several reasons why we have a nerd crush on this women and why you should too. After spending an hour or two stalking perusing her Instagram, Twitter and YouTube Channel, this is our case.

5. She’s Classy AND Studious

Dael Kingsmill Eating

Ron Burgundy may have introduced the world to the idea of being classy but it was Dael Kingsmill who perfected it – whether she’s getting dapper for a soirée or showing slackers how to multitask like a boss.

Dael first rose to substantial internet fame on Geek & Sundry’s Vlogs channel, where she would talk about mythology. Since that channel has dismantled (or something to this effect), Dael has moved her operations to her own channel where you can learn about everything from Cadmus and the founding of Thebes to Hades and Persephone. If you’re a mythology buff, this is the place for you.

4. She’s Got Some Pretty Sweet Dance Moves

Dael Kingsmill Dancing

The art of dance is a unique form of expression, employing a universal body language that everyone understands – from ballet to contemporary, from hip-hop to salsa, and from oriental to flamenco.

But when it comes to individual dancers, who has the best moves? The greatest poise, power, and poignancy? Fred Astaire? Michael Jackson? Beyoncé? Nope! Our vote goes to Miss Kingsmill. Whether she’s dancing in her Batman pajama pants or shaking her stuff to the Ulysses 31 theme song, Dael has demonstrated, definitively, that she is indeed the greatest dancer of our generation.

3. She Once Went Looking For Sarah Connor Dressed As The Terminator

Dael Kingsmill Terminator

Back during June of 2014, Dael partook in a one-year anniversary Q&A where she fielded questions from her many subscribers. One questioner asked what the silliest thing she had ever done was.

After contemplating several answers, Dael settled for the time she got bored and starting messing around with tinfoil and food coloring; ultimately transforming herself into a Terminator. With her new-found menacing look, she walked over to her neighbor’s house and asked for Sarah Connor. After they told her Sarah wasn’t there, she retorted “Ill be back” before walking off. If that’s not awesome, then what is awesome, really?

2. She’s An Expert With A Knife

Dael Kingsmill Knife Trick

There’s a strong case to be made that Dael Kingsmill is secretly a Hit-Girl-type superhero/vigilante. Why? Because her knife wielding skills are impeccable. The proof of this is in her video where she “attempts to Halloween” as she decides to carve up a watermelon (because pumpkins are so passé).

Sure, as she’s flicking the knife around in the video it looks like she might inadvertently chop off her own hand or head, but that’s all part of the ploy. Move over Crocodile Dundee and Danny Trejo in Desperado, there’s a new knife specialist in town (we’re just going to ignore that time she almost lopped off her thumb).

1. She’s A Certified Dork

Dael Kingsmill Smile

Over the past few years, we’ve seen the evolution of a new breed of human, the “fake geek girl” as we like to call them. Girls who put on a pair of seemingly nerdy glasses, play Spooky’s House Of Jump Scares and decide that they are one of us.

Dael, on the other hand, is the “Real Deal” Holyfield. She’s certified. You can put a stamp on it. She’s not new to this, she’s indeed quite true to this. Whether she’s decked out in a Spider-Man onesie or she’s channeling her inner Ash Ketchum, Dael has proven that she is most definitely bout that life. And we love her all the more for it.

You can check out Dael over at Monarchs Factory where she makes videos on a weekly basis. Don’t forget to share this article on your favorite social media website. Email it to your grandma and let us know what she thought. But for now, this is it, we’re done, and we will see you guys some other time.

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