Someone Cut Alien and Prometheus Into One Epic Film

Prometheus is an oddity. Not only is it an example of a great sci-fi film, but it’s also an example of a bad one. For all the fan service to Alien fans, terrific visual quality, interesting premise and excellent acting; Prometheus also suffers heavily from an identity problem. While in development, the script for the film notoriously underwent several complete script rewrites, unable to decide on whether it was simply a grand, space faring adventure set in the Alien universe, of a fully-fledged prequel to the franchise that made Ridley Scott famous.

Well, today, in an editing exercise, film student Job Willins has cut Ridley’s Alien and Prometheus into a single film called Derelict. The end result is pretty good, and well worth watching. Is it enough to make up for the sins of the past? Perhaps. We’ll let you decide. You can watch the film in its entirety below:

Derelict from Job Willins on Vimeo.

[via Job Willins]

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