Bathroom Nightmares: The Definitive Guide To Shower Scenes In Horror Movies

Killer Tomatoes Strike Back (1991)

Killer Tomatoes Strike Back Shower Scene

Following the events of 1978’s Attack Of The Killer Tomatoes and 1988’s Return Of The Killer Tomatoes, the murderous tomatoes continue their attempt at world domination. Their mastermind, Mortimer Gangreen, reinvents himself as a talk show superstar known as Jeronahew and proceeds with a new plan to “create a humungous Tomatocracy.”

As the third of the Killer Tomatoes films, the idea had started to seem like an extremely limited one-note joke by this point. Nevertheless, this sequel still manages to replay the idea with some hilarity. This includes an amusing parody of the Psycho shower scene where the heroine bursts into screams, only for us to discover that she is reacting to having run out of shampoo and only having a sliver of soap. We then pullback from the trickle of red going down the plughole to reveal that it is coming from a squashed tomato.

The Craft (1996)

The Craft Shower Scene

High school is a tough place to be, especially for the new kid, so when you find a group that accepts you and makes you feel like you belong, you stick with that group, even if they are would-be witches. Sarah (Robin Tunney) and her new friends feel justified when they cast spells that deal with the high school jerk who lies about girls to his friends, and the racist mean girl who takes pleasure in causing others mental anguish.

The racist girl in question, Laura (Christine Taylor), is a narcissistic stuck-up young lady who is way too into herself. So, once she begins to inexplicably lose her hair in the girl’s locker room it proved that revenge is a dish best served… bald?

Jack Frost (1997)

Jack Frost Shower Attack

There’s no dancing around the truth: Jokes about a woman getting raped and subsequently murdered are wrong. But don’t blame us; blame the filmmakers behind Jack Frost. They’re the ones that turned a snowman into a murdering rapist. One that, keep in mind, doesn’t melt when covered in hot water. We’re just reporting facts.

If you don’t smirk at that description, you’ve clearly never seen this delightfully bad horror film, whose claim to fame is the aforementioned scene featuring a young lady (then-unknown Shannon Elizabeth) and a Psycho-loving snow monster. Her character is enjoying a relaxing bath when, suddenly, the water turns into snowy sludge and Jack Frost emerges, his hand around her waist and her arms stuck inside his chest. And how does she ultimately perish? Jack, with a smile on his face the entire time, pounds her into the wall.

Bride Of Chucky (1998)

Bride Of Chucky Bath Scene

The fourth entry of the Child’s Play franchise opens with Chucky’s ex-girlfriend Tiffany (Jennifer Tilly) killing a police officer to get the severed pieces of our favorite killer doll. After reading a ‘Voodoo For Dummies’ book she brings Chucky back to life. After a brief reconciliation, Tiffany is heartbroken to learn that a ring that she had been holding onto since Chucky’s “death” wasn’t meant for a marriage proposal, but was simply something he stole. Tiffany flips out and subsequently holds Chucky captive in a makeshift playpen.

Later that night, Tiffany watches Bride Of Frankenstein whilst taking a bath, and Chucky breaks free. He charges at her with a knife but she kicks him away prompting Chucky to dump the TV into the bathtub, electrocuting Tiffany to death. She’s really only dead for a moment or two before he brings her back as a doll like himself. This is all kind of her fault though, seriously, who has a TV in their bathroom?

Final Destination (2000)

Final Destination Shower Scene

The pleasure in the Final Destination series was always in the inventive – and usually downright ridiculous – ways it killed off characters who cheated their way out of Death’s grip. One of the most ridiculous was definitely Tod’s (Chad E. Donella) bathroom demise.

The poor teen is trying to shave away the teenage fluff on his face when the toilet starts to leak, unknown to him as he continues to walk about the place as if the floor isn’t slippy. After a series of near misses, he eventually slips and strangles himself on a washing line he’d hung to dry his underpants.

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