Every Scream From The Scream Franchise: A Supercut

During the early ‘90s the horror genre was floundering: all the major franchises had pretty much run out of steam by this point, and a fresh, smart perspective was sorely needed. Enter Wes Craven, who, following his successful Nightmare On Elm Street meta-fantasy New Nightmare, created a new horror franchise (along with screenwriter Kevin Williamson) that took to task the tired genre tropes everyone was thoroughly tired of watching.

However, given the title of the franchise, one trope of the horror genre remained, screaming. Thanks to this supercut from the folks over at Demon Ape, you can relive every shriek the series had to offer – from Drew Barrymore’s screech in the original film to Emma Roberts flexing her pipes over a decade later.


[via Demon Ape]

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