Say Hi To Your Mother For Us After You Watch This Mark Wahlberg Movie Mashup

Mark Wahlberg’s success as a musician as part of Marky Mark And The Funky Bunch (after originally being one of the founding members of New Kids On The Block) may have been short-lived, but through the late 90s and early 2000s, the actor began to amass a reputation as a reliable supporting actor, and slowly, he garnered opportunities to prove himself in leading roles. Is his CV full of excellent performances in great films? Not exactly. The guy has made plenty of duds, but he’s evened it out with one Academy-nominated performance, as well as countless others that have earned him considerable acclaim.

Wahlberg is one of the few actors who is equally convincing as a dramatic lead and a comedic one; from Boogie Nights, Four Brothers and The Departed to I Heart Huckabees, The Other Guys, and Ted (and its recently released sequel). With that being said, check out this video tribute to the man, the legend, Mark freaking Wahlberg.


[via Fandango]

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