Watch This Supercut Of Movie Characters Flipping The Bird

The middle finger – a surefire way to send someone into a firing rage. It’s a gesture that’s at least 2500 years old. Aristophanes wrote about it in his play The Clouds, which first played in 423 BC, where none other than Socrates was presented the middle finger by Strepsiades. And even then it was considered a rude and indecent thing to do. The Romans called the middle finger the digitus impudicus or indecent finger.

All these years later and the one-finger salute is just as popular as ever, especially in cinema – from Molly Ringwald’s Claire in The Breakfast Club to Mary Kate Schellhardt’s annoying little sister in What’s Eating Gilbert Grape to Eminem’s B-Rabbit in 8-Mile. We’ve already shared with you our favorite middle finger movie moments, now check out this supercut that packs even more disrespectfulness into one fun-filled video.


[via Supercut Videos]

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